10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd in the UAE

10 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd In The UAE

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Working with a pharmaceutical recruiter is a great way to find the best jobs in the UAE. Many positions are not listed on job sites, or if they are, receive so many applicants that standing out can be a challenge. Pharmaceutical recruiters can position you in a way that increases visibility and the chance of success. How do you get picked by the best recruiters in UAE? Follow these ten steps.

1. Start the Process Now

The first step in any executive search process is to prepare your materials and starting as soon as possible. Follow the steps below, and when you feel comfortable, begin implementation of them through outreach and networking

This allows ample time for pharmaceutical recruiters to do the work necessary on their end, including conversing with you to find out if you are the right fit for them and the type of positions they work to fill.

2. Update your CV

Pharmaceutical recruiters want to see a candidate who not only fits the job description perfectly but who is on top of everything related to their professional career. This includes having a CV boasting accomplishments, positions, career highlights, and anything else worth noting. Follow best practices for creating a CV or resume by doing a web search in your field.

3. Keep your LinkedIn Profile Up To Date

Today’s job marketplace necessitates a strong digital presence. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a landing page for your accomplishments. In many cases, this will be the first place a pharmaceutical recruiter will go to learn more about you and your qualifications. 

Highlight not only work-related accomplishments but volunteer and non-profit work as well. Try to build character and personality through your LinkedIn profile. Show that you are a passionate individual who brings more to the table than simply a desire to fill a position and bring home a paycheck.

4. Craft an Engaging and Personal Cover Letter

Along the lines of your LinkedIn profile, a successful cover letter paints a picture of who you are. Be sure to answer these questions in your cover letter:
  • Why am I ready to take the next step in my career?
  • Why does my passion lure me towards this position, company, life sciences recruiter or any other party who will view the letter?
  • How am I a well-rounded individual?
Personalise the cover letter for each opportunity. Pharmaceutical recruiters and employers will be able to tell if you’ve simply copied-and-pasted paragraphs from a previous letter. Yes, this takes time and can be frustrating at times. But the end result – your new job – is more than worth it.

5. Getting in the System

Pharmaceutical recruiters and their agencies keep records of potential top talent. Are you one of them? If not, the first thing to do is research to identify the top life science recruiters, pharmaceutical headhunters, or other recruitment firms in your sector. Once you’ve identified the best, craft a compelling contact letter with links to your CV, LinkedIn profile, and any other media that speaks to your abilities.

It is important to find niche recruiters to create an impact. Cold emailing large agencies and asking to be listed won’t lead to any future successes. Find specific recruiters that work to fill positions that you are a good fit for. The right pharmaceutical recruiter wants to know about the best candidates – if you are one of them, they want to hear from you. 

6. Highlight Any Media Coverage You’ve Received

If you’ve been interviewed in the press about your career or volunteer work, bring this to the attention of pharmaceutical recruiters. It helps to build authority and trust. Additionally, having your name published in respected outlets may actually draw pharmaceutical headhunters to you before you reach out to them.

Getting published in a journal is another great way to attract attention and command respect. Having a byline proving you as an experienced expert in your field helps in multiple ways:
  • It can significantly improve your web presence. Pharmaceutical recruiters and those working in life sciences recruitment will likely Google your name. Seeing your publication in a journal in your field is about as good a search result as there can be!
  • You have a basis for live talks and presentations. This adds to your collection of media that a pharmaceutical headhunter or another recruiter can view and take note of. Have presentations recorded, hire a photographer to snap some good shots, and keep that material posted on your LinkedIn.

7. As Well As Achievements

The same goes for any recognition you’ve received. On your LinkedIn, in a cover letter or CV, or through conversations, bring to light accomplishments which establish you as an authority in your field. This will also build your online recognition. You never know exactly who’s reading about you online, but when it comes to career advancement and achievements, it should be positive. Highlighting your awards is a great way to do this.

8. Network Yourself to Success

The power of building a strong network is imperative and will lead to contacts in high places. This gives you the ability to have a referral from someone in a respectable position. This is huge for pharmaceutical recruiters. 

There is nothing wrong with asking an influencer or respected person in your field to have a coffee. A simple email follow-up after meeting them is always a good idea. Paint an ideal picture in their mind of who you are and what you’re capable of, and they can present that to a recruiter when the time comes.

In addition to high-level contacts, regular networking builds your base of contacts throughout the medical field. A professional met at a conference or happy hour event may be able to plug you in with a pharmaceutical headhunter or life sciences recruiter. When looking to take the next career step, any method of getting the ball rolling is a positive way forward.

9. Conferences

Industry conferences are one of the best places to begin the executive search process. Why? Literally, everyone at the conference works in the field or has some connection to pharmaceutical. Put those networking skills to use and shake as many hands as possible. 

When selecting breakout sessions or keynotes to attend, consider who you’ll have the opportunity to interact with. Will any high-profile personalities be there? Will it be in a room full of people one step ahead of you in your career? These are gold mines of opportunity for a candidate who knows how to network.

10. Follow-Up

If you’ve already reached out to applicable pharmaceutical recruiters, send a follow-up contact down the line. The goal here is to stay on top of their radar so that when an opportunity comes to light, your name comes to mind. All it takes is a simple email to check-in and enquire about updates or opportunities. You never know – there may be a very fortunate email waiting in the inbox the next morning!

Takeaways for Candidates

The overall picture here is that pharmaceutical recruiters want to see you as two things:

1) An authority or respected member of your field.
2) Someone able to handle themselves in a new situation and be professional throughout the process.

By following these ten steps, recruiters will have a positive impression of you and be more likely to want to move forward.
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