5 Reasons Why You Need to Recognise Your Healthcare Team This Year

5 Reasons Why You Need to Recognise Your Healthcare Team This Year

by Chris Atkinson in career
The healthcare sector is widely regarded as one of the most critical industries in the world. 

We rely on pharmaceutical experts, medical device manufacturers and analysts to support longevity and wellbeing in every country.  

As skill shortages pervade many components of the healthcare space, candidates are entering a unique position. Today's job seekers have more choice over which opportunities they pursue, and which employers they stay with.  

In this high-pressure environment, the best employees aren't opposed to seeking out alternative employment when they're not recognised or rewarded correctly. Are you giving your teams the appreciation they crave?  

The Benefits of Recognition in Healthcare 

According to recruitment research, motivated and highly-engaged people are significantly more productive than their counterparts. Unfortunately, it's difficult for healthcare employees to feel motivated when they don't get recognition for the high-stress problems they tackle each day.  

Your high-level healthcare staff spend countless hours travelling, addressing complicated issues and looking for new ways to improve your company's performance. Roles like these can come with large amounts of personal sacrifice, which means they need to feature significant rewards too. Good recognition programmes lead too: 

  1. Happier employees: Though healthcare roles are highly satisfying, they're also very stressful. Employee recognition can balance some of the emotional impact of the industry, leading to a more engaged workforce.  
  2.  Reduced turnover: While your team members may be equipped to work in high-stress situations, they'll also expect to be appreciated for their commitment. Companies without recognition strategies are more likely to face high turnover rates.  
  3.  More talent: Everyone from Anaesthesia consultants to Cardiology experts in the current hiring market will be drawn to employers that can offer a supportive company culture and regular workplace rewards. You'll find that sourcing new talent is much easier.  
  4.  Better productivity: According to studies around 39% of staff members feel under-appreciated at work. However, 77% say that they would work harder if they felt recognised. Regular feedback convinces your people to do more for your organisation.  
  5.  Stronger company culture: When used correctly, employee recognition can reinforce essential values and behaviours in your team members, leading to a more cohesive company culture.  

How to Implement your Recognition Programme  

The concept of employee recognition isn't new, but it is growing more critical in the skills-short marketplace. Making sure that you have an effective programme in place is one of the best ways to attract and retain the most crucial healthcare talent.  

Even if you've used recognition strategies before, now might be the ideal time to renew your policy with some of the following ideas.  

1. Celebrate Both Publicly and Privately 

Different kinds of recognition work best in specific circumstances. For instance, if your neurology team accomplish something incredible, they might enjoy the praise that comes with having their accomplishments shared in a public place, like on a hospital notice board or business-wide intranet.  

These public celebrations can spark positive competition between different departments and encourage bonding between staff too. However, it's important to make sure that you tie the ceremonies back to the core values of your business to promote similar work in the future. For instance, maybe you can specifically celebrate the creativity the team used to overcome a complicated issue or the teamwork they showed. 

When it comes to individual recognition, find out what each member of staff prefers. While some will love public feedback from their leaders, others might prefer a quiet word in private.  

2. Make Recognition Part of the Company Culture 

The best way to make sure that recognition in your healthcare organisation is consistent is to make it feel like a natural part of the workday. Everyone in your team needs to feel confident about congratulating someone for a job well-done.  

Peer-to-peer recognition is particularly crucial for ongoing employee engagement and performance. While your staff is sure to appreciate a pat on the back from their employer, support from their team members will make them feel more accepted at work. Today, a warm and inviting company culture can be one of the most appealing factors of a role - particularly for younger millennial candidates.  
Make sure everyone has a way to give feedback, whether it's in person, online or in regular meetings.  

3. Personalise Rewards 

Finally, with the help of a specialist healthcare recruiter like Kinetic, you may have created a highly diverse team. This means that you'll be working to engage people with different preferences, backgrounds, and values. As such, you'll need to personalise your recognition and reward strategy. For instance, you can: 
  • Invest in their professional development: Most employees, no matter their background will appreciate the chance to learn new skills and improve their performance at work. Find out which talents your team would like to work on.  
  •  Give them more control: Look for ways to reduce the repetitive tasks your healthcare teams complete each day, so they can spend more time on the things they love. For instance, can you simplify the note-taking and reporting practices in your company? 
  •  Tackle everyday problems: Address the things that drain the energy of your healthcare staff. For instance, people in high-pressure positions may need a space they can go for time alone during stressful moments.  

Remember, recognition doesn't just have to be about money. It's about showing your people that you appreciate them so that they can be happier at work.  



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