5 Things Candidates Are Really Seeking from the Life Sciences Sector

5 Things Candidates Are Really Seeking from the Life Sciences Sector

by Rudy Bier in career
How well do you really understand the needs and motivations of the life sciences candidates you’re working with? Perhaps not as well as you might think. 

At a recent recruitment expo, one of the speakers shared data from a very compelling study which revealed that what recruiters think candidates want out of a job is often quite at odds with what most are actually looking for.  

The research found that 70% of recruiters interviewed said that advancement was what candidates most sought in a role, followed closely by money and work-life balance. Interestingly, when the researchers asked candidates what they most looked for from employers, they cited the same three things, but in a completely different order: Compensation, Work-Life Balance, and Advancement.  

Just as telling were the things that candidates cited as important that recruiters hadn’t even mentioned. Over 20% of all candidates interviewed said that Company ethics, working from home, and commute were important factors, but none of these even appeared on the recruiters’ radar.  

If we’re not truly understanding what is important to candidates, then we’re missing an opportunity in how we can message to them, thus enabling our marketing to work more effectively. To help you better understand the needs of your candidates here are five things most are currently looking for in the life sciences sector. 

Compensation and Perks 

Although compensation may not be an issue for most professionals in the life sciences industry, it still plays an important role in the decision-making process for a given position. However, compensation needn’t be thought of only in terms of monetary value.  

Candidates are becoming increasingly concerned not only with the basic salary they are offered but with all of the other perks that they may or may not be offered as part of their contract. A robust education allowance, private medical insurance, attractive variable pay and other rewards are all valuable incentives which can help to recruit and retain staff. Along with opportunities for advancement, perks go a long way in showing employees that they are valued. 

Work-Life Balance 

Although this one can arguably be the most challenging (if not impossible) to find/provide in the life sciences sector, it’s still good to be aware of its importance in the minds of candidates. While most life sciences professionals are prepared to work hard, travel and be committed to their jobs, they also want to know that they still have the possibility to have a life outside of their role/profession. Flexible working hours and generous holiday packages are increasingly on the wish list of many job seekers in the life sciences sector. 

A study on the benefits most valued by job seekers which were written about in the Harvard Business Review revealed that eighty-eight percent of respondents were more likely to seriously consider a job offering flexible hours, while 80% stated that having more vacation time was an appealing perk.

Training and Advancement 

Training often goes in tandem with advancement and career growth; you can’t really have one without the other. Opportunities for professional development offer many benefits to both employees and employers, from increased retention and healthier company culture to improved efficiency.  

Employers who offer clear career paths and are prepared to invest in continued professional development for their staff are likely to attract and keep the best applicants because it shows that a company is invested in their future. Staff are more likely to leave because of lack of opportunities than for any other reason.  

Fortunately, in the life sciences industry, there are numerous avenues for professional growth and advancement available to staff at most levels.  

Great Culture & Collaboration 

Fostering and encouraging a collaborative culture can have many positives, from building a cohesive team spirit to nurturing creativity. Great employees want to work in a supportive and collaborative environment where they can thrive creatively.  

Just as with providing perks and opportunities for professional growth, creating and maintaining a safe, accepting and collaborative culture for your employees will go a long way in showing how much you value them. You can do this by encouraging collaboration and recognising your employees for their contributions and achievements. 

Company Ethics 

In addition to company culture, a company’s values convey a strong message, and it’s important for employees to feel like their values are aligned to those of the company. Even in an industry with ostensibly high ethical standards, ethics are more important than ever in retaining employees.  

Creating a culture that nurtures employee well-being, encourages hands-on learning and forgives mistakes can make candidates believe that your company is where they want to be, which will increase both retention and productivity. 

How Kinetic Can Help   

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Kinetic understands the niche requirements for all specialisms of this ever-increasing regulated industry. To find out more about how we can support you in your recruitment campaign or help you land your next career progression contact us here. 

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