6 Critical Steps to Choosing Your Medical Devices Recruitment Partner

6 Critical Steps to Choosing Your Medical Devices Recruitment Partner

by Rudy Bier in career
No medical device company can thrive without access to the right talent. A competitive workforce is how you outshine other brands, attract clients, and unlock opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, all over the globe, a significant shortage of skilled medical device professionals is leaving brands battling for the right recruitment opportunities.  

Leveraging the right medical device recruitment partner is how businesses of all sizes improve their chances of finding the right team members fast. What's more, a reliable recruitment partner helps to reduce your risk of a bad hire, improve your onboarding strategy, and set your organisation up for success. 

The question for most medical companies isn't whether they need help with their recruitment strategy, but how do they choose a team they can trust to enable growth? 

Here are the 6 critical steps to identifying the ideal recruitment partner. 

1. Look for Industry Specialisation 

Your partner needs to understand your industry if they're going to help you thrive in it. Only a company with deep knowledge of the Medical Devices industry will be able to find the best talent in a range of different environments. Specialists have deep connections with your landscape, so they can track down professionals other recruitment companies may overlook.  

A deep knowledge of pharmaceutical roles will also help your recruitment team to pinpoint candidates with the right values and skills to thrive in your team. After all, it isn't easy to know which applications to pass on to a client searching for a commercial manager if you don't know the requirements of this role.  

To ensure your recruitment company understands your industry, look for a history of activity in the Medical Devices space and previous work with other Medical Devices brands. Your chosen recruiter may even have a blog where they post about the Medical Devices industry.  

2. Consider the Company's Reputation 

The reputation of the recruitment company you work with is more important than you'd think. First, it helps you to understand what kind of service you can expect. If your recruitment company is well-known for offering sensational service and quick candidate sourcing, you know you can rely on them to help you fill the gaps in your workforce fast.  

A recruitment company with a good reputation can also help to attract a wider pool of candidates. Just as your employer brand makes your Medical Devices business more appealing to top talent, the reputation of your recruitment company identifies them as a company candidates want to work with. Candidates may even regard your business more positively based on the recruitment organisation's reputation. 

A company with a page full of testimonials or case studies on its website is usually more trustworthy than one unwilling to share insights into previous client experiences.  

3. Check the Customer Service 

Your Medical Devices recruitment company is a crucial partner in your business. Often, companies find themselves going back to or working with the same recruitment team year after year. This means your choice of recruitment firm will directly impact your access to candidates and your talent growth over the years. If you can't trust the business to give you excellent customer service, you'll struggle every time you need to hire someone new.  

A recruitment company with deep industry knowledge and access to many candidates is great, but they won't be much help if they're difficult to work with. Make sure your recruitment firm is: 
  • Transparent about pricing and recruitment techniques 
  • Excellent at communicating and keeping you up-to-date 
  • Prompt and punctual with tasks 

4. Evaluate the Recruitment and Hiring Strategies 

The processes used by your Medical Devices recruitment partner need to match your specific needs. Before you dive into a (hopefully long-term) relationship with a company, ask them what kind of services they're going to offer.  

For instance, will your recruitment professional help screen clients who apply for your roles and make sure your job descriptions are posted on all the right forums? How do they ensure they're delivering the right people to your door? Do they create profiles with you to determine what kind of employee you're looking for in each role? 

It's worth looking at things like how your recruitment partner submits candidates to your team. Are they sending applications through email or a client portal? How much information do they share on each candidate before the interview?  

5. Look at Specialist Services 

Some recruitment providers go above and beyond the standard service you'd usually get in the Medical Devices industry to provide something more agile and flexible for the modern business. For instance, if you're constantly struggling to fill the gaps in your team, you might need to work with a company offering retained and contingent recruitment. 

The right retained recruitment process means you can keep your specialist on hand to fill talent gaps as quickly as possible without compromising on candidate quality.  

You might also want to consider things like recruitment processing outsourcing. RPO solutions allow you to save time and money while gaining a more competitive edge over similar brands. You can outsource all or part of your recruitment process to your partner, so your business leaders can focus on what they do best – growing the business. 

6. Track Their Performance 

Finally, ensuring you have the right recruitment partner on-hand to help with your talent needs means constantly evaluating the outcomes of your hiring processes. While it can take a little while for a recruitment company to gain a deeper understanding of their clients' needs initially, you should see consistently positive results after the introductory period.  

Ask yourself whether your recruitment company constantly sends you the high-quality applicants you need to fill your Medical Devices roles? Are they helping you to fill gaps quickly, even in a talent-short environment? A good recruitment company can even help with things like recruiting national professionals when your local area is short on talent.  

What Next? 

Choosing a strong Medical Devices recruitment company is crucial to ensuring your business thrives. Make sure you have an experienced, specialist recruitment team you can trust by partnering with Kinetic. You can contact us via email or on +971 (0)4 442 0921. 



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