7 Strategies You Need To Find A Niche Recruiter

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Highly skilled professionals understand the value of working with a skilled recruiter to explore new employment opportunities. But not every recruiter has the experience job seekers may need when looking for positions in niche fields like pharmaceuticals and medical devices. While the approach used for a general executive search is often the same, working with industry recruitment specialists will likely yield more favourable results based on their experience in recruiting these unique skill sets.

So, how does one go about finding the right niche recruiter? You can begin by following the tips below.

Inquire with Your Professional Network

Tapping your professional network during a job search is wise regardless of your intention to work with a recruiter. However, if you have friends, colleagues, or former fellow classmates that found success with a specialist, then reaching out for guidance can help you find the right life sciences and pharmaceutical recruiter you need to facilitate your job search.

Begin by speaking with the most experienced professionals in your network as well as those who have hired recruiters to fill vacancies within their companies. If your connection had a favourable experience, they would likely be open to sharing any details they can provide.

Explore Industry Specific Job Boards

The number of job boards available is staggering. In fact, there are hundreds available that you have likely never encountered, and some of those may focus on your field of speciality. While most job seekers consider these sites only as sources for job openings, many life science recruitment professionals, pharmaceutical headhunters, and other niche recruiters use these sites to locate candidates for their unadvertised openings.

Niche job boards create a more controlled hiring environment, allowing professional recruiters that operate with a specific focus in mind to bypass the hassle of weeding through numerous unrelated profiles or fending off unwanted direct messages from job seekers outside their speciality area. Whether you use the site to search for open positions yourself, consider creating a searchable profile so that a suitable recruiter can find you and you can find a niche recruitment specialist.

Join Niche Communities

A niche site doesn’t have to be an official job board to facilitate connecting with a suitable executive headhunter. In fact, several online news and discussion-oriented sites are ideal for expanding your professional network and locating recruitment specialists looking for life sciences, medical devices, or pharmaceutical professionals.

As with the niche job boards, and like popular social media sites, create a profile that provides basic information regarding your speciality and link to other sites or resources that list more of your career details, like LinkedIn. Then, take some time to participate in relevant conversations and see what connections can be made.

Connect with Professional and Alumni Associations

Whether you choose to connect in person or online, professional associations can provide a wealth of information, including access to information about niche recruiters. Many of these organisations maintain their own websites, often with member databases, as well as social media pages. Both of these can allow you to access contact details of other professionals working in your field as well as any recruitment professionals that have joined the groups.

Alumni associations can also provide similar connections. Others who have graduated and work in your field can be a valuable resource for information, as well as any instructors or professors who taught within these niche areas. Additionally, some former graduates may now be operating as niche recruiters within these fields, making them an ideal potential contact with which to build a relationship.

Collegiate employment assistance offices often maintain connections throughout the local communities in which they operate. In some cases, their reach even goes further depending on the reputation of their graduates.

Niche Recruitment Firms

Some recruitment firms, such as Kinetic, design their services to meet the needs of life science professionals specifically, including executive searches in industries like pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This focus gives them the opportunity to truly connect with businesses operating in these sectors, forming long-term and trusted relationships with some of the leaders in their fields.

Additionally, they have a thorough understanding of the skills and capabilities required to take on such complex work. This means you will never have to worry about whether a member of the recruitment team understands how your skills are applied within the workplace, an issue that can arise with more general recruitment firms.

Further, these firms can help you do more than finding your next job, but to shape your career. Since skilled employees working in these fields are highly valuable, niche recruitment firms will often stay in touch over time. That way, when a new opportunity arises for which you are an ideal fit, they can reach out to you to see if you are available.

Trade Shows and Industry Events

Most industry-oriented events and trade shows also attract attention from executive recruiters working within the associated speciality field. This means that the networking opportunities presented there can be an ideal method for reaching out to job placement professionals focused on life sciences. While you may have to make a personal investment to attend, it can be money well spent when it comes to expanding your network and furthering your career. And, even if you don’t connect directly with a recruiter at that event, you may form new professional connections that can help you locate a suitable person over time.

Keep Your Network Active

As you add new connections, it is important to keep your network active. Make efforts to stay in touch with other professionals working in your field and consider making your job search efforts known to those who can help you move your career forward. By maintaining these approaches, you can locate a suitable niche recruiter based on your professional field. Then, you will be able to form a strong partnership designed to help you find new opportunities with companies who would value your skills most.
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