Client Success with Kinetic

Client Success with Kinetic

by Mark Nancarrow in career
At Kinetic, we find the best pharmaceutical talent for our UAE clients, and we are often asked by clients, “what exactly is involved in your process?”. 

Today, we share the success story of a multinational client so you can see how the level of detail involved in our process is the reason we’re able to achieve such success. 

Our client is one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies in the world, with a net value of several billion USD operating across six continents. 

We are the experts at recruiting for pharmaceutical organisations of this size, with knowledge gained over many years in the industry. 

What Was the Client’s Situation? 

Our client needed to expand. But with an organisation of this size spanning so many geographical areas, there needed to be a specific recruitment process in place for this particular role.
As a result of the client’s continued growth in the region, they needed to hire a new Medical Director to take on the planning of their drug strategy, as well as become the face of the company when dealing with the government and regulatory authorities. 

Even for large multinational organisations with their own in-house recruitment teams, when recruiting for such a high-profile role in an area as unique as the UAE, not only expert recruitment knowledge is needed, but the highest local, social and cultural expertise is a priority requirement too.  

The Recruiting Task 

To support the country’s nationalisation drive, the client asked Kinetic to source a Saudi national for the position of Medical Director. 

Nationalisation is one of the areas we specialise in. The sourcing of Saudi talent for roles based on our in-depth knowledge of the regional candidate market is the reason we are able to find candidates with such precision. 

But locating a local candidate with the right skills and experience wasn’t the only challenge.  

The position needed someone who was a Key Opinion Leader in the medical community and was comfortable enough in their knowledge to be able to comprehend and then answer questions from government authorities as they arose. 

Growth in the pharmaceutical market is dependant on excellent regulation, as this sector is one of the most heavily regulated in the world. Our candidate needed to be the top in his or her field to be able to meet the position brief, and for us to be confident that the individual we chose would be able to excel in their position. 

When we search for candidates, we ensure that we are 100% certain that there is no better candidate out there than the one we match to your role. 


Overcoming Challenges 

This was not a straightforward search.  

The primary challenge for this search was the identification of the right candidate as the client was not looking for someone from the industry.  

They wanted a new face who would be entering the corporate world for the first time and who would be flexible enough with the right attitude to move from a healthcare setting to a corporate environment.  
Despite having an excellent pharmaceutical network, we knew the search for our candidate needed to go much further afield. 

This is where Kinetic excel and where other recruitment companies can sometimes fall short. We are not constrained to our sector; we go wherever we need to go to find the right candidate.  

So what did we do? 

Our Recruitment Process 

We identified candidates from various sources; we assessed their influence within the medical community. This allowed us to measure and predict their ability within this position.  

Next, we approached them and gauged their commitment to making a career change, taking into account the fact that this career change would have a significant impact on lifestyle as well.   

Recruiters can think they’ve found the right candidate on paper, but digging deeper and unearthing the realities of whether the candidate is ready and capable of making such a significant change. When this part of the process is not completed adequately, it can lead to dissatisfaction for the employer and the new employee, and ultimately, it can lead to resignation and the need for a new employee shortly afterwards. 

We ensure that our candidates are fully committed to their new placement; we have a 97% success rate of our placements staying in their role for at least two years. 

Next Steps? 

When you choose us to find your next pharmaceutical professional, we guarantee your investment. And that’s why our clients continue to work with us for their new vacancies and their business growth plans. 

To find out more about how we can help your company make your next pharmaceutical hire like we helped this multinational organisation, get in touch with us today.  

Call us on +971 (0)4 442 0921 or get in contact here.
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