Client Success with Kinetic: Discover How We Achieved Recruitment Success for this Multinational Organisation

Client Success with Kinetic: Discover How We Achieved Recruitment Success for this Multinational Organisation

by Mark Nancarrow in career
At Kinetic, we’re proud to be one of MENA’s leading recruitment service providers to the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector of world-class talent. 

Our dedicated service is a result of years of recruitment expertise, pooled together to create Kinetics’ exceptional recruitment process

In the current climate, with added pressure on Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Life Sciences organisations, we understand how essential it is to have the right team in place. Our expert team of recruitment specialists are here to find you exactly what you need, and we go above and beyond what is typically expected of a recruitment company – we offer much more than that. 

Today, we’d like to share with you one of the recent success stories from our many years of providing expert recruitment solutions to businesses in need. 

The Client Situation 

The client that we were working with on this occasion is one of the world’s largest privately-owned pharmaceutical companies; they employ close to 50,000 staff and operate across three continents.  

With an organisation as large as this, the recruitment provider must have the wealth and breadth of knowledge to understand the ethos, culture and workings of a company.  
Not all recruitment companies would be able to commit to delivering for such an essential and renowned pharmaceutical company. Still, our experience has led to an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of the pharmaceutical world and means that we can guarantee success on any assignments we take on.  

A vacancy arose for the position of Head of Human Resources, and in keeping with the directives of the government, the candidate had to be a Saudi National. As specialists in Nationalisation, we knew that we had the right network and contacts to be able to find truly remarkable candidates that the client would be thoroughly impressed by – and so we started our search.  

Searching for the Right Candidate

When searching for candidates for a vacancy, most recruitment companies match the job description to individuals with the ‘right’ skills and experience. 

We go much further than that.  

For us, it’s not about presenting a certain number of profiles. It’s about presenting candidates where we know the candidate has the right personality to fit into the company, integrate into the environment and culture and that the candidate’s presence in the company is going to have a positive impact on the bottom line. 

This specific assignment needed a specialist search – the incumbent would become the head of the department and be responsible for all strategy the company followed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

The position briefing from the client highlighted factors to bear in mind such as the candidate being responsible for a region of 2 million square kilometres across multiple divisions and various locations, along with being able to demonstrate prior experience with a multinational company and the ability to manage both international norms and local requirements.
It was a lot to consider when searching for a candidate of this calibre. Just because someone has experience in a similar role, does this mean that they will succeed in this position? Not always. 

We took into account skills, knowledge, experience, background, but also more in-depth considerations. 

For example, we know from experience that Human Resources professionals can tend to have introverted personalities. While this is generally seen as a positive for an H.R. leader, since it allows them to be focused and diligent - how would it translate to the vacancy we are searching for?  

We needed to find someone with the delicate balance of skills and behavioural traits to be able to combine the need for contained H.R. excellence with the ability to be resilient in the face of challenges and to defend their recommendations and policies vigorously but in a non-aggressive manner.  

Our Actions and Outcomes 

So how did we proceed in our quest for this rare talent? 

First of all, we used our extensive network and knowledge to compile a list of candidates we were confident had the skills, abilities and attributes. These candidates were selected from a wide range of sources; we have an extensive network which spans sectors and countries, and our recruitment experts are adept at knowing who to put forward for each role. 

Then, for the next stage of screening, we assessed the candidates using competency-based questioning – this is a crucial stage in our recruitment process. 

The scientific methodology used in competency-based questioning allows for the deepest level of candidate cross-examination. 

We believe that this multi-level approach is necessary to find the right candidates, and the result was that our client was presented with several candidates which they were delighted with, and from which they made their final hiring decision.  

As you can see, up until this point, the pharmaceutical multinational had minimal input – and this is why leading companies worldwide use our services again and again. It involves minimal involvement from them up until the point they have a range of highly suited candidates – our clients tell us they value this as it suits them perfectly.  

They don’t have to spend their time searching for candidates; they are presented with a range of ideal candidates which takes the hassle out of recruiting. 

And due to our expert knowledge and reputation in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Life Science sectors, clients can be assured that they will receive only the highest level of service. Our recruitment process is guaranteed, and it works. 
If you have a vacancy that you need to find the best possible candidates for – we can help. 

To find out how we can help you like we helped this multinational Pharmaceutical organisation, get in touch with us today here

How Kinetic Can Help    

Kinetic source professionals locally and internationally for leading multinational, regional and local Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies, including Consumer Healthcare organisations.   

If you need help sourcing the best candidates for your pharmaceutical or medical device organisation who will help drive your business forward this year, get in contact with us today.
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