Does Your Employer Brand Need an Upgrade?

Does Your Employer Brand Need an Upgrade?

by Chris Atkinson in career
Just like business brands help to engage customers, employer brands ensure companies can attract the right talent. In the health, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, where access to talent is limited, the right brand is crucial to building the perfect team.  

Currently, about 86% of HR professionals say that recruitment is rapidly becoming more like marketing, as candidates do extensive research into their potential employers. Today, you need more than just the right salary to attract a top employee; you also need a brand that conveys company culture, specific values, and a clear vision for the future. 

Crucially, your brand isn’t set in stone. As the industry evolves and employee preferences change, you’ll need to update your identity to suit new jobseekers. 

Here’s how you can decide whether your employer brand needs an update. 

1. Are You Ready for Remote and Hybrid Work? 

Hybrid work has become the most popular trend among employees in all industries over the last couple of years. Around 80% of people worked for a company offering flexible working solutions during 2020. Now, your medical candidates will be looking for more freedom in how and where they work. Examine your brand and ask yourself: 
  • Are you advertising flexible strategies? Do you let your candidates know you’re open to flexible working arrangements in job descriptions? Are you using video interviews to show talent you’re up to date on the latest remote trends? 
  • Do you have the right remote work policies? Which strategies do you have in place to make sure flexible working delivers the right results for your business? Do you offer training and digital onboarding to help employees get started on the right foot? 
  • Do you know which roles support hybrid work? Are you aware of which positions are suitable for hybrid work? Are there any roles that might require your staff to be in-house at all times? 

2. Are you Trustworthy and Authentic? 

For years, the health candidates evaluating potential employers focused heavily on finding evidence of innovation in the companies they wanted to work for. While today’s candidates still want an employer on the cutting edge of the industry, they’re also looking for reassurance that their business leaders will keep their best interests in mind.  

Research shows an employee’s perception of business authenticity often influences how likely they are to be satisfied in their role. If your candidate believes you’re transparent, straightforward, and honest with them, they’ll be more attracted to the idea of working with you.  

A trustworthy and authentic image starts with being upfront about everything you do. Share information about your business on social media, post videos of behind-the-scenes working sessions and allow your employees to talk about your business on review sites. You could even ask your employees to write blogs or post articles about what it’s like to work with your business. 

3. Do You Put Your Employees First? 

How do you show your employees that you value them? 
Treating your people with respect and showing you appreciate their contributions is crucial for developing a strong employer brand.  

Today’s employees are looking for employers who can understand their unique needs and empower them to perform at their best. Look at your development and training strategies and ask yourself whether you can invest additional time and effort into helping teams gain new skills.  

Think about the steps you have in place for retaining your employees, like conducting regular “stay interviews” and keeping an eye on employee engagement. Remember, every time you replace a salaried employee, it can cost up to nine months of that salary. Evidence that you go out of your way to retain your team members will make it more likely you’ll attract candidates looking for long-term positions in your business. 

4. Is your Hiring Strategy Up to Date? 

The way companies find and hire health employees has changed significantly in recent years. Today, you need a fast-paced, tech-savvy, and diverse approach to finding new candidates. Hiring the right recruitment company to help with this process is often the best way to ensure you’re giving your candidates the experience they’re looking for.  

The hiring processes that attract talent today are the ones that prioritise equality and inclusion, respecting different perspectives and insights from all kinds of team members. A good hiring process should also: 
  • Leverage the right tools: Video interviews and online interactions make it easier to connect with candidates who might not be able to attend an interview in person. 
  • Use streamlined processes: Creating strategies to streamline the hiring process like candidate scoring, and standardised questions will accelerate the path to hiring. 
  • Enhance candidate experience: Your candidates should feel as though they’re being treated with respect at every stage of the hiring journey, from the initial contact, up to the point when you move them into the onboarding program. 

5. Are You Listening to Current and Potential Employees?

Perhaps the easiest way to determine whether your employer brand needs an upgrade is to listen to your current employees and the potential candidates you consider hiring. Your image of your employer brand and the perception your team members have of you should be perfectly aligned.  

Regular employee feedback surveys will give you an insight into what your current staff members think your strengths and weaknesses are as an employer, so you can make changes that attract future talent. You can also ask for feedback from the new employees you hire and the people you decide to pass on, to see what attracted them to your brand and how they felt about the hiring process.  

Collecting regular feedback about your employer brand and the image you present to the world will ensure you’re getting a true picture of what people think and feel about your business.


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