Dubai: The Place To Work and Live

Dubai: The Place To Work and Live

by Chris Atkinson in career
Tourism, being the world’s air travel hub, a booming economy and fantastic job opportunities – these are just some of the reasons that Dubai is set to overtake London as the world’s most popular tourist destination by 2025. 

The success of Dubai has been no accident – the government and current Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum have worked tirelessly to improve legislation which allows both UAE nationals and overseas workers to enjoy the fantastic benefits of living and working in this economic hub. 

Dubai has gone from strength to strength, and it isn’t slowing down in its success. By next year it will welcome 20 million visitors a year, it is currently home to 190 skyscrapers taller than 150 metres and hosts guests in its 100,000 hotel rooms.   

Kinetic has been recruiting in Dubai for over 12 years, and we have witnessed the city’s rise in popularity which doesn’t show any signs of slowing down - overseas workers are tempted to the region for a variety of reasons, namely large salaries and tax-free benefits. 

Let me tell you about the five main reasons which have made Dubai the city to live and work in this year and beyond.  

1. Employment Opportunities 

Dubai is a long way from being a ‘finished’ city; it is still growing at a rapid rate. There are job opportunities in every sector you can imagine. We recruit specifically in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors but a wide range of employment opportunities means that both partners in a couple have a good chance of securing lucrative employment.  

The average monthly salary in Dubai is Dhs 16,775 ($4,566), which is more than the average in the US at $3,714 (Dhs 13,642) and the UK at £2,923 (Dhs 13,542). 

The average age of the workforce in the UAE is now under 30, as younger workers flock to the area to take advantage of job openings in a rapidly evolving job market which is embracing digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence.  

2. Multicultural Experience 

Tourists come to Dubai to enjoy the exciting multicultural experience – and it is the same for work life too. There are many benefits of a diverse workforce – they are happier and more productive, plus living and working with a wide range of different people is great life experience. 

The Emirates are home to over 200 nationalities, and the multicultural nature of Dubai means that outside of work, you can sample food, shopping and educational experiences from nearly every country in the world.  

For those thinking about their future career progression, the experience of working in Dubai is an asset on anyone's CV, as it proves to future employers you are adaptable and have transferrable skills to cope with different environments and working with a range of people. 

3. Lifestyle 

I couldn’t get much further in this article without mentioning the Dubai lifestyle. Even the word Dubai now is synonymous with luxurious world-class living and out-of-this-world experiences. 

Dubai is the place to be if you want to experience life in the fast lane, with restaurants, shopping plazas, nightspots, beaches, luxury apartments, fantastic hot weather and cloudless blue skies, the list really does go on… 

4. Tax-Free Living 

On top of the generous salaries that most companies in Dubai offer, another bonus is the tax-free benefits. 

Personal salaries in Dubai are completely tax-free, meaning that expats can enjoy many luxuries that they cannot afford in their home countries.  


Aside from the enviable weather, Dubai’s location has afforded it another advantage - Dubai is increasingly known as the world’s air travel hub. 

Perfectly positioned between Far-East and the Western world, workers in Dubai wishing to see the world from this hub can explore the globe from its central location, with both London and Singapore only a 7-hour flight away in their respective directions. 

Dubai is the perfect place to live for anyone with a sense of adventure – Dubai International Airport handles 90 million travellers a year, and it is currently the busiest airport in the world. You can catch a non-stop flight to 213 different cities from this international centre. 


If you have been thinking of taking advantage of the benefits of this wonderful city, now is the time. We recruit pharmaceutical and medical devices candidates for roles in Dubai, UAE and across the MENA region. 

If you are a highly skilled candidate in this sector, take a look at our jobs board today – we might have the perfect opportunity for you. We help candidates throughout the integration process, and our team is adept at helping expats into roles in a new country.  

How Kinetic Can Help    

Kinetic source professionals locally and internationally for leading multinational, regional and local Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies, including Consumer Healthcare organisations.   

As such, we understand the niche requirements for all specialisms of this ever-increasing regulated industry. To find out more about how we can help you in landing your next career progression, contact us today.  


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