Finding the ‘Right’ Hire for One of the Largest Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in the World

Finding the ‘Right’ Hire for One of the Largest Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in the World

by Mark Nancarrow in career
At Kinetic, we work with clients of varying sizes, and we are one of the only UAE recruitment companies specialising in pharmaceuticals, medical device and life sciences who can work with some of the largest multinational organisations in the world. 

Our expert recruitment process has been successful in placing thousands of candidates in high profile roles over many years. 

We are often asked about our recruitment process, and we are happy to share how we achieve success for our loyal clients. 

Today, we share the story of how we found an elusive candidate for a prestigious role within a multinational pharmaceutical company.  

Our Client’s Situation 

Our client is one of the world-leading pharma organisations, with a net value of several billion USD and operating across six continents.  

They were faced with a situation many companies experience at one point or other. The incumbent wanted to leave, and they did not have a natural successor in place. In this case, the vacancy arose for the position of Site Director – a key role being responsible for the technical side of the day to day running of the business in this particular location. 

Not having a natural successor in place can be one of the most challenging situations for an HR department, as the pressure of finding the ‘right’ replacements is increased because time is of the essence. 

No business wants to rush their recruitment process, as this can lead to various problems down the line – hiring the ‘wrong’ employee can have serious repercussions.  

The cost of a bad hire can be as high as $24,000 for senior roles such as this one. The loss of revenue from hiring someone who is not a good match comes from the price of the recruitment drive and advertising, not to mention the time cost and the drain this has on resources.  

As you can see, it was essential that we found a replacement, but that they were precisely the right fit for the role and the organisation.  

Our Recruitment Process 

At Kinetic, the recruitment of Saudi nationals as part of the UAE’s nationalisation drive is something that we specialise in. 

We have a far-reaching candidate pool of the most talent Saudi nationals, and it is part of our core mission to find the perfect candidates for vacancies with specific requirements. 

A strict criteria was also identified for the roles, as it involved being responsible for a manufacturing plant that dealt with medical products and drugs for human consumption. 

Medical products are some of the most closely regulated in the world – we needed an expert in their field to meet the criteria of Site Director. 

There were considerable challenges along the way, namely coordinating with stakeholders who were based in three locations with time differences amounting to over 12 hours. 

Recruitment is a people-first process, and it is essential to us that all stakeholders are given as much autonomy over the decision as possible. We spent many months getting the candidates and the timings right, and in the end, it took over two years to close the position. 

The Successful Result 

How did we find the right candidate for this demanding role?
We mapped out and analysed the market, creating a picture of the level of skill and talent competitors had both in this region and at a later stage, worldwide. 

We used various candidate attraction strategies over the two years, and as a result, the client was presented with over 20 profiles to consider. 

Eventually, the right individual was found who met all of the criteria for this challenging placement – a placement which other recruiters might have deemed ‘impossible’. 

It is at the heart of our mission to always find the right candidate, no matter the challenges that are involved along the way. It is because of this that we can provide the highest-quality and best-matched candidates to our multinational clients to enable them to continue their worldwide success. 


Do you have a crucial role in your pharmaceutical, medical device or life science organisation and need help finding candidates who are ideally matched? 

We can find the candidates you thought were impossible to locate, with our far-reaching and long-standing candidate relationships, we have resources to find even the most elusive candidates. 

To find out more about how we can help you make the ‘right’ hire in your next placement, click here to contact us via email or call our team of recruitment experts on +971(0)4 442 0921 today. 
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