How the Best Life Science Leaders Spot and Develop Talent

How the Best Life Science Leaders Spot and Develop Talent

by Rudy Bier in career
Life science and biopharma organisations are going through a period of change, and the need for the very best talent within these organisations is greater than ever.  

As a leader or business owner in the life science field, it is essential that you take full advantage of the market right now. 

A recent whitepaper by multinational management firm Willis Towers Watson stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many of the challenges faced in life sciences together at once. 

The industry is having to learn and adapt at pace in the face of changing demand, supply chain challenges and shifting funding models.”

During the next business-critical months and years, it is vital that your life science team is full of the most innovative and dedicated talent. 

So, how do you go about locating and sourcing this talent? 

These are the strategies to use. 

1. Focus on Digital Transformation 

Life science companies have not traditionally been early adopters of new technologies, but now is the time for this to change. 

Never before has the early and fast adoption of new technologies been so vital.  

In a recent Deloitte life science report, Greg Reh, US Life Sciences Sector Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP said, “There are fundamental building blocks that will have to be put in place whether that’s from a technology standpoint or an operating model and so digital transformation really becomes an enabler, it becomes a bit of a risk mitigator on the one hand and an accelerator of strategies on the other.” 

When thinking about your life science team of the future, are you focusing on attracting and retaining life science talent with the right digital skills? Are you investing in and promoting the latest digital technologies in your business’s infrastructure?  

2. Look for Traits, Not Just Skills  

One of the biggest mistakes life science leaders make when hiring is to focus solely on their past performance and on their hard skills. 

Alongside technical skills, employers increasingly recognise the importance of certain traits which contribute to an employee’s value. 

The following skills are highly valuable and should be included in what you are looking for in your ideal employee: 
  • High emotional intelligence – emotional intelligence is a desirable skill which helps employees express their feelings in appropriate and constructive ways. It allows people to make better decisions faster, to solve problems and improves the overall culture in your team. 
  • Critical thinking – the ability to think critically about new processes and ideas is key for the success of your team. 
  • Resilience – life science teams are experiencing increased pressures, so there is a strong need to stay resilient and come back from challenges again and again. 


3. Build a Team for the Future

The World Economic Forum predicts that 65% of all of today’s jobs will not be around in 15 years’ time. 

And while this year has taught us that some things are impossible to plan for, now is the time to upgrade your current recruitment strategy to one that is focused on finding the talent that will drive your organisation forwards.  

Has your organisation changed this year due to the pandemic? Have you, or are you planning on introducing new products and services to your offering? 

There may be many job roles that your organisation could benefit from, but they have never featured in your hierarchy before – until now. 

If you would like to know what your life science team could be missing, and find out how you can bridge skills gaps and introduce new and talented life science employees into your organisation, get in touch with us today to find out more


4. Your Post-Covid Training and Development Plans 


Among all of the ways that the pandemic has shaped organisations this year, one significant change is the way that teams are developed. 

Are the old ways you used to train your employees still relevant now in a post-Covid world? The truth is that you will need to adapt your learning and development processes for our Covid-affected world. 

Your training should now be a coaching-led approach. This means working more closely with individual team members, offering remote training, giving critical feedback, and developing each employee to the best of their abilities. 

Everyone in your life science team will have different levels of potential, and the best leaders can spot talent where others can’t. 


Are you looking for new life science talent to help grow your organisation? If you have struggled to find and retain the talent you need, we can help. 

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