How to Attract Top Life Science Talent with Your Employer Brand

How to Attract Top Life Science Talent with Your Employer Brand

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The pandemic has caused many shifts in society, and none more so in the workplace. 

Life science organisations have faced challenges this year that no-one could have predicted which have changed the nature of the sector. 

When looking to attract and retain top life science talent in our post-pandemic world, your employer brand is more vital than ever. 

The pandemic created an unprecedented situation, which left many employers unsure of how to react. In life sciences organisations, the need for top talent has been greater than ever this year, and some employers have been more successful in attracting the candidates they need to fill critical vacancies. 

How has the pandemic changed what candidates are looking for? What must life science organisations now do to ensure they stay competitive in a changing market? 

Today, we look at how to attract top life science talent with your employer brand in our post-pandemic world. 

Covid Career Changes 

Employer branding has been at the heart of many candidate’s career decisions for some years now. Even before the pandemic, 84% of job seekers stated that an employer’s reputation was a key element in whether to apply to a job or not.
And since the Covid crisis, we have seen an interesting shift in candidate behaviour. 

A recent MetLife survey found that one in four women are considering a career change due to the pandemic, with two in five considering a career in a STEM subject.   

Right now is an exciting time in life sciences, but you will need an employer brand that outstrips your competitors. 

Let’s look at what successful life science organisations have been doing to keep candidates engaged.  

Keeping in Touch  

Throughout the pandemic, communication became essential as physical distance became a mainstay in all of our lives. 

The organisations who kept in touch with their clients, customers and prospective candidates by keeping their physical and online presence ‘always on’ and updated the necessary channels regularly have come out stronger.  

Brands with websites and social media that haven’t been regularly updated throughout the pandemic will struggle in attracting clients. In our digital age, life science brands need an excellent online presence so make sure your social media and online presence are being checked and updated regularly.  

The Human Element in Your Employer Brand  

Since the pandemic, individuals are looking more than ever to interact with brands they know and trust, and this goes for your recruitment process.  

Many barriers of the corporate world were broken down during the pandemic, with organisations showing the human touch more than ever, and this has now come to be expected by customers and candidates alike. 
You must demonstrate how you have been looking after your employees during the pandemic, and the measures you have taken as an employer to protect staff. You must show that you go the extra mile to adapt your usual working arrangements to help your team do their jobs properly and safely. 
  • Have you offered remote working (where possible)? 
  • Are you striving to be a transparent employer who encourages communication and trust in your organisation?  
  • What have you changed to make things better for your team in light of the pandemic? 

Top candidates will be on the lookout for clues that you are an employer who cares about the human element in your business, and they need to find these clues when they look for them in your online presence.  

Using the Right Technology  

Using the right technology is a great way to look after your employer brand when you haven’t got the time to reply to applications and enquiries straight away individually. 

Using automation in your recruitment process, while it is not a replacement for a great H.R. department, can help to strengthen your employer brand. 

When a candidate applies, and they don’t hear anything until you have the time to reply to them, can sometimes mean that days go by without any communication. In our digital age, this is too long. 

Using automation software means that candidates are kept engaged during the critical parts of your recruitment process. Candidates want to feel valued, and with H.R. teams becoming busier, automation is a great way to nurture the all-important candidate relationship with every applicant.  

Your Recruitment Process 

Finally, the place where you are the most likely to win the favour of valuable candidates or turn them away is in your recruitment strategy.  

A talent-attracting recruitment process is one that highlights to potential candidates that you are professional, honest and that you value them, even if they don’t end up being selected for the vacancy.  

Your employer brand needs to be a beacon to every candidate who applies to your organisation that you are an excellent employer who has used the pandemic to make positive, progressive changes. 

We are in regular contact with thousands of life science candidates, and we hear daily the critical attributes and values they are looking for in their next employer. 

If you need help locating talented candidates for your life science organisation, we can help. Get in touch with us today here or call us on +971(0)4 442 0921 to find out how we can source your next life science candidates for you.  



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