How to Update Your Hiring Process in the Age of the Coronavirus

How to Update Your Hiring Process in the Age of the Coronavirus

by Chris Atkinson in career
While the coronavirus has caused many sectors to come to a standstill and has temporarily altered the way we live, for some businesses, life goes on. 

Pharmaceutical and medical devices products and services are in higher demand than ever, as the UAE continues to combat the virus.  

But even during the crisis, businesses need to continue to hire – being fully-staffed right now is critically important. 
With this in mind, what can pharmaceutical, medical devices organisations do to update their hiring processes in light of the COVID-19 situation? We discuss some helpful strategies to get through the coming weeks. 

Increased Demand 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, UAE private hospitals have experienced a 5-6 times increase in their need for personal protective clothing (PPE). 

But with China being one of the leading worldwide distributors of PPE, UAE companies have struggled to meet this unprecedented rise in demand.  

A procurement head, who wished to remain anonymous, told Gulf News recently: "We cannot find freight capacity to bring the goods in and we will very soon need the assistance of the Dubai Health Authority to work on a plan to alleviate and mitigate any risk of shortages"

PPE shortages have hit the headlines across the world among the coronavirus crisis, with protecting the lives of health workers a priority. 

If you are a producer of PPE or other medical equipment, life-saving drugs, hand-sanitisers, and other vital healthcare products, now is the time to step-up your production.  

Safety Measures When Hiring 

The World Health Organisation has produced guidelines for self-isolation and social distancing, which should now be in place in your organisation.  

By now, we should all be familiar with social distancing measures and keeping the risk of the spread of the virus to a minimum. But what does this mean for your hiring process? 

The following are tips for best practice when hiring during the coronavirus outbreak to keep yourself and your candidate safe: 
  • Due to a reduction of face-to-face contact, make sure you are in constant contact with current candidates via phone and email. 
  • Where possible, conduct video interviews. 
  • Where video interviews are not possible, or for the later stages of the interview process, invite candidates for interviews at staggered times to avoid any more people than necessary being in your organisation at one time. 
  • Be flexible – people are still adapting to the new measures so the interview might not be as smooth or concise as it usually is. 
  • Follow the WHO social distancing measures, stay at least two metres away from other individuals at all time. 
  • Clean and disinfect all areas that the candidate comes into contact with, and make sure you have someone to greet them with hand sanitiser as they enter the building. 

Social Distancing While at Work 

As per the WHO guidelines, any of your staff who are at a higher risk, or any that can feasibly work from home, should be doing so. 

Of course, in the manufacture of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, there needs to be a certain number of employees still physically at work.  

Any new team members that you hire should be fully briefed on your company’s social distancing measures and provided with the right equipment to do their job safely. Ensure that your team are aware of the importance of keeping in line with best practices when social distancing at work, provide them with hand sanitiser if possible, and make sure they are following guidelines stringently. 

Be Proactive 

It might be the case that you have an increase in vacancies in light of the coronavirus pandemic, or you might have a decrease in roles and more employees working from home. 

Whatever your organisation's current position, above all, it is essential to remain proactive. 

The COVID-19 situation is changing daily, and more than ever hiring managers and executives need to be proactive and stay alert to changes in their market. 

As I mentioned earlier, the UAE is approaching a time where the supply of medical aids that you provide will play a vital part in the battle against the coronavirus. 

If you had vacancies before the start of the outbreak, now is the time to fill them. While many other sectors are now remote working, it is crucial that the production of medical device equipment and pharmaceuticals can meet the increased demand. 

What Next? 

We help organisations in the UAE find the talented pharmaceutical, medical device and life science candidates that they need, and we understand that it has never been more vital for you to be fully staffed. 

If you have any current vacancies in your pharmaceutical or medical devices organisation, or have an increased need for employees due to the coronavirus – talk to us today to find out how we can help you. 

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