How to Work with a UAE Based Recruiter to Grow Your Life Sciences Organisation

How to Work with a UAE Based Recruiter to Grow Your Life Sciences Organisation

by Rudy Bier in career
In recent years, the UAE pharmaceutical and medical devices sector have cemented itself as one of the world leaders in the field. 

In the past, the region relied heavily on imported medical care and pharmaceuticals, in 2015, around 85-90% of its drugs were imported. 

However, since the inception of the government’s Vision 2021 scheme to transform the UAE into a knowledge-based economy, there has been a drive towards the creating of life sciences job opportunities in the region, to keep the knowledge and to increase the revenue within the country. 

One manifestation of this is DuBiotech, the Dubai Biotechnology and research park, which opened in 2015. It offers substantial tax advantages like 50 years’ exemption from personal, income and corporate tax, 100% reparation of profits, fast-track immigration and customs procedures, among many others. 

What does this mean for your pharmaceutical or medical devices company? 

It means it has never been a better time to invest in the region. Working with a recruiter based in the UAE is a great way to ensure your organisation is provided with the best UAE and overseas talent, to scale your business during this critical period of growth. 

The Current Trajectory of UAE Life Sciences Organisations 

There is now a multitude of multinational corporations who trade, supply and operate in the region, with international deals being struck all the time. 

Earlier this year, the sixth biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, GlaxoSmithKline formed a partnership with UAE-based pharmaceutical firm Neopharma. The deal’s objective was to localise production of high-demand medicine brands which would bring products to the UAE market at a faster pace. 

This is just one example of the growth in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector in the region, which promises more jobs for local and overseas workers and great business opportunities for pharma and medical production and supply companies. 

It has never been a better time for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to invest in their business, in monetary terms, and in growing and developing their teams. 

Recruitment in the UAE 

The UAE is home to the second-largest economy in the Arab world, second only to Saudi Arabia, and it boasts the most diversified economy in the GCC – it really is a global affair. 

Being among the 16 largest exporters and 20 largest importers in the world, to succeed in the region, your business must be mindful of the country’s economy while understanding the global factors that are at play. 

Part of the government’s Vision 2021 incentive, there has been a push to encourage UAE nationals into the many job opportunities that are available in the region, particularly in private sector roles.  
However, international workers are still needed to fill many roles, and recruitment service providers who operate in the region are an integral part of this process. 

As of 2019, there are still only 0.34 UAE citizens employed in private sector roles – a considerable part of the countries workforce is fuelled by non-UAE employees. 

How can a UAE based recruiter help you to grow your business?  
By using UAE based recruitment company, your organisation will benefit from both local and international talent. 

What Are the Benefits for Companies in Working With a Regional Recruiter? 

Whether you have been planning it or not, our experience tells us that NOW is the time to invest in the future of your pharmaceutical or medical devices company by expanding in the UAE.  

Constant growth in the sector is expected to continue into 2020, a 2.1% economic growth this year is set to be increased to 3.8% in 2020. This is excellent news for all aspects of business in the UAE, and with Vision 2021 just two years away, the country is set to be it’s strongest ever in the coming years. 

Medical devices and pharmaceutical companies who want to take advantage of this unprecedented growth should act now. 

Gulf News reported regarding the opening of DuBiotech that “There are clear signs that we are entering a new phase of productivity and collaboration within the life-sciences industry…We must continue discussions, build relationships, and facilitate open dialogue between international firms, local manufacturers, and governmental bodies” 

Working with an international service provider like Kinetic will allow you to reap the benefits, as we understand the UAE international job market and how both local and global workers fit into it. 

Kinetic as a Recruitment Partner 

As a service provider of recruitment services for pharmaceutical and medical device organisations, we have supplied local and international talent to the region for many years. 

Only a service provider such as Kinetic, with an in-depth understanding of the Emiratisation process, international recruitment contacts and indispensable UAE and GCC knowledge will truly understand how to meet the needs of your organisation.


How Kinetic Can Help   

At Kinetic we pride ourselves on being the leading regional experts in the full range of recruitment solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries. 

As such, we understand the niche requirements for all specialisms of this ever-increasing regulated industry. To find out more about how we can help you in landing your next career progression, contact us today.
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