How to Turn Your UAE Life Sciences Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

How Turn Your UAE Life sciences Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

by Rudy Bier in career
Are your employees surviving, or thriving within your life sciences business? To cultivate a team that works to the best of their potential, many employers are seeking to turn their employees from simply staff into brand ambassadors. 

Brand ambassadors are different to staff in that they genuinely fly the flag for your business. When your employees are given more of an insight into the way your pharma or medical devices business operates, they feel that they have more authority in their positions, which helps them to achieve better results. It’s a win-win for both employer and employee.  

Many jobs in the life sciences sector are incredibly demanding. Long hours and tight deadlines are among some of the top concerns raised in the life sciences industry. How can employers overcome these challenges and make their place of work one where staff are proud to be? 

This blog covers why it is so important to turn your staff into brand ambassadors and how much this will positively impact your business. 

Why You Need Brand Ambassadors 


It is becoming harder for employers to not only find members of staff but also to keep them. A Human Resources for Health study estimated that we are fast approaching a 15 million global healthcare worker shortage. Having a team of ambassadors who spread the word about the benefits of working for your organisation is invaluable. For the first time in history, we are in a culture where past and current employees can give reviews of their time working for your company. What do you think your past employees would say about their experience? Creating a happy and engaged workforce is like free advertising. People will naturally talk about what goes on in their place of work at home and with their friends - it is up to you to influence what they will say. 

Integrated Employees 

The UAE and the GCC is still buoyant from the influx of workers that arrived from across the globe in the boom it has enjoyed over the last few decades. Many life sciences workers are attracted to working in the UAE thanks to generous salaries, tax breaks and a host of other benefits (not to mention the beautiful scenery!). However, employers should be mindful of how well employees from different countries integrate into UAE society. 
It can be a real culture shock and can take some time to get used to such a different way of life. The life sciences industry is built on an immigrated workforce, so you need to make sure those who have made the leap to a different country have a positive experience. This will make it more likely for them to encourage the skilled colleagues they left behind to join them in their new venture.  

Keep Employees in The Know


Recent research shows that employees who are engaged at work produce better results for their company. It shouldn’t matter if an employee has just started or if they have been with you for ten years, letting them see the inner working of the business will make them feel much more appreciated in their role. Knowing how their role helps other parts of the company to run smoothly increases job satisfaction and produces better results.  

Staff newsletters are a great way to get employees feeling involved and to let them know where the business is at, at various points in the year. Giving regular updates about changes to the organisation and activities the staff have been getting up to creates a welcoming community feeling. Company news does not always have to be positive, as long as it is honest. Sharing with your employees, the failures of the business creates an even stronger bond of trust.  

Train For Success 

A significant factor in keeping your employees happy and committed in their roles is offering the right amount of training for them to progress. With almost every career in the life sciences sector, offering the potential to grow, creating these opportunities for your staff will naturally turn them into passionate brand ambassadors. Knowing that your employer is invested in your training is one of the best ways to create a culture of brand ambassadors, as there is no better way to show that you care about the future of your staff, not that they are merely replaceable cogs in your business model.  

Celebrate the Field 

Anyone working in the life sciences industry will tell you that it is one of the most rewarding careers. Those who chose to work in pharmaceuticals or Medical devices in the UAE  or the GCC will likely enjoy a much better deal than their counterparts in other countries. The UAE offers a high standard of healthcare treatments across the board, and this is something that the life sciences staff in the UAE can be encouraged to be proud of. Reminding staff of the successes of UAE healthcare will help them to maintain a positive outlook on their chosen career. 

How Kinetic Can Help   

At Kinetic we pride ourselves on being the leading regional experts in the full range of recruitment solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries.   

As such, we understand the niche requirements for all specialisms of this ever-increasing regulated industry. To find out more about how we can help you in landing your next career progression, contact us today.
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