9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before an International Career Relocation

9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before An International Career Relocation

by Rudy Bier in career , employer
Healthcare recruiters across the United Arab Emirates are using executive search to find talented medical professionals from all over the world. The medical and healthcare industry is booming throughout the UAE, owing to the country’s ageing population and increased national investment.

Medical professionals from all over the world are looking to the UAE to find work - but before you make this big decision, it’s important to ask yourself some key questions. These are nine questions that you should ask yourself before making an international career move.

1. How Will I Earn a Living?

The first thing to consider is how you will make your living. In the case of the United Arab Emirates, healthcare recruitment is growing by the day. Healthcare recruiters are looking for talented medical professionals with experience ranging from medicine and nursing to specialised surgery. The healthcare industry in the UAE is expected to grow 12.7% by 2020, and if you have experience in medicine, there are plenty of opportunities available.

Positions are opening up in hospitals and medical centres, as well as medical facilities specifically designed for the older generations.

2. Am I Eligible for a UAE Medical License?

Owing to popular demand, it’s generally easier to be eligible for work in the UAE than it is in the United States and European countries. To become eligible to work in Dubai, for instance, one must have the necessary qualifications outlined by the UAE Health Authorities. Once it has been confirmed that you have the necessary licensing, you will be subject to assessments by the UAE health authorities.

Employment visa requirements will vary, but gaining residency in the country is relatively simple once you have the required medical license approval. Get in touch with an expert healthcare consultant at Kinetic if you would like support with medical licensing. for people coming from the US and Europe.

3. How Can I Get Health Care Coverage?

No matter the industry you enter, it’s important to get health care coverage. The healthcare system is advanced in the UAE, and the public sector does a great job at providing core services. As a mixed public-private system, the public system provides many core services, but there is a growing private sector that requires people to take out health insurance plans. Primary healthcare is covered in health care centres throughout the country, and hospital care is provided in both specialist hospitals and general hospitals scattered throughout the country.

As a resident of the UAE, you will be entitled to primary health care coverage – however, it is compulsory for companies to provide their employees with private healthcare plans so this will provide you cover for serious medical incidents.

4. How Secure Is My New Job?

The healthcare sector has experienced unprecedented growth in the UAE, and the 2021 Vision explains how the country will continue to invest in world-class healthcare infrastructure and expertise for many years to come. The healthcare industry can offer job security for medical professionals who are committed to providing high-quality services and working with medical specialists to advance the industry even further.

Ultimately job security comes down to the individual, but when considering the healthcare industry in the UAE, health centres and hospitals are always on the lookout for new talent.

5. Can I Afford to Live Overseas?

Ultimately this is a matter for the individual. While the pay of an overseas job might be quite reasonable, or even sizeable, a person will incur many costs when it comes to relocation. As well as plane tickets and visa fees, the cost of accommodation and potentially the shipment of belongings from one country to another can be quite substantial.

Some companies may reimburse these costs, but that is by no means a standard occurrence. It’s a question you should certainly ask before making a move.

6. What Will My Salary Be?

Healthcare executive search professionals will rightly tell potential UAE workers that pay is more than reasonable. The salary will vary on the job and location, however the healthcare industry it is quite competitive – a general practitioner in Dubai can make an average of AED 243,805 (US $66,432), a specialist physician can make an average of AED 456,000 (US $124,250), whilst a consultant physician in Dubai can make an average of AED 720,000 (US $196,185).

7. How Independent Am I?

This is an important question to ask regardless of the sector you’ll be working in after your move. Relocating to another country can be an incredibly trying experience – especially if you are relocating without family. The move will mean making new friends and not being able to see your family as regularly as you might be used to.

Moving to another country requires a level of independence that some people might not have – so before you move, ask yourself how independent you are and whether it’s a move you’re willing to take. If you’re willing to take that giant leap, time will reward you.

8. Do I Have a Plan B?

A “Plan B” is important regardless of your industry. In the healthcare industry, you will need to secure a medical license and job in the healthcare industry before you obtain a visa – but a Plan B is always worth having. Ask yourself what you plan to do if you decide that the industry isn’t for you, or if you get tired of working in a specific area of medicine.

Asking this question allows you to develop a plan, meaning you’ll know what to do in any event. Moving abroad presents lots of challenges, and you should always be prepared for them. 

9. Do I Have a Five-Year Plan?

A five-year plan is a useful tool for anybody who moves abroad to work on their career. Your five-year plan will look at what you want to achieve over a period of five years, ranging from your career and financial plans to your family intentions. It should also consider your long-term plans regarding your life abroad – do you intend to stay in the country for the foreseeable future, or is this just a short stop on the way to another goal?

Establish a New Life in the UAE

If you’re looking for a new life abroad, and you have experience in the medical sector, then Kinetic is here to help. As a market leader in medical recruitment, Kinetic can help you find the perfect role in the UAE healthcare industry.

Ask yourself these nine questions, and then consider a new life in one of the quickest growing healthcare markets in the world.
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