The Top 7 Secrets to Ensuring Pharmaceutical Candidates Always Say Yes to Your Job Offers

The Top 7 Secrets to Ensuring Pharmaceutical Candidates Always Say Yes to Your Job Offers

by Chris Atkinson in career
The burgeoning UAE pharmaceutical sector is an attractive career option for many with pharma experience. 

But with tremendous growth comes recruitment issues – many UAE-based pharmaceutical companies are struggling to source the talent they need to grow their business and stay competitive. 

It can be frustrating for a hiring manager when they think they have found the ‘right’ candidate, only to have them turn down the job offer after the interview. 

This guide contains the stipulations talented pharma candidates are looking for and what to offer them to get them to say ‘yes’ to your job offer. 

Let’s start with the recruitment process. 

1. A Succinct Recruitment Process 

This first hurdle is where many pharmaceutical companies fail. Candidates lose interest, and many companies take too long to hire. There can be several reasons for this, namely that the hiring manager or team lack time to nail a concise interview process – it can sometimes take weeks.
46% of candidates say that they lose interest in a company if the recruitment process takes more than two weeks. A good idea is to map out the entire process from start to finish; ensure everyone who needs to be involved is free and that the first interviews to final offers take place as quickly as possible. 

2. Pay Attention to the Little Details 

A common issue that pharma candidates bring up is that they feel that the recruitment process is not personalised. When applying to a large multinational organisation, which many of the pharma companies in the UAE are, candidates often feel like little more than an ‘applicant’ rather than a valued candidate. 
Pay attention to every candidate and get to know them as much as possible; this way, not only will the candidate have a better experience, you can make a much more informed decision. Remember that an interview is a two-way process. As much as you trying to ascertain if the candidate will be a good match, you should also aim to make them feel valued and provide an excellent candidate experience.   

3. Be Honest About Your Best Offer 

With the variety of pharma roles available, there will be expected salary boundaries which will differ depending on the candidate’s experience.  

It is a common occurrence that hiring managers offer candidates, especially those applying for entry-level positions, a low first offer, to open up a negotiation dialogue, or simply to get the ‘best price’ for their candidate. 

This is not advisable for pharmaceutical roles for one reason – the skills shortage. When pharma companies find a great candidate, make sure you don’t lose them to a rival by offering them a compensation and benefits package that is below par.  

4. Meet the Team

Something that you can do with your candidates which increases the chance of them accepting your job offer is to let them experience first hand what working for your company is like. When you give them a live experience, it is easier for them to make up their minds as they have already visualised themselves in the role. 

You can do this by inviting them for a morning or even just a few hours where they can see the different departments and meet their potential new colleagues. You can do this as part of, or afterwards as an informal ‘end’ to the interview – it’s a great way to make the candidate feel relaxed after the formalities of the interview. 

5. Career Prospects


Alongside a great remuneration package, pharma candidates are looking for companies where they can grow their careers. In a recent survey, Johnson & Johnson were named number one, and Pfizer number two in the best BioPharma places to work survey – both companies are well-known for the excellent career progression opportunities they offer their employees.  

6. A Great Brand and Culture 

Finally, an increasingly important part of what pharma candidates are looking for is a positive employer brand and a culture that reflects this.
Public image is a big issue in the pharmaceutical sector. With transparency becoming an increasing corporate trend, candidates are far more likely to choose an employer who embodies excellent ethics.  

Be a trusted employer with which candidates will feel proud to be associated. 
Does your company give back to the community? What are you doing to reduce the impact of pharma waste on the environment? Do you have diversity and inclusion at the heart of your values? 

7. Locating Candidates 

Finding the highest-calibre of candidates is an issue that many UAE pharma organisations are currently struggling with. 

At Kinetic, we have a network of the most sought-after candidates in the sector; this means we can provide pharmaceutical organisations with candidates they have not been able to locate themselves.  

If you would like to know how we can help you locate top pharmaceutical candidates for your vacancies, contact us today


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