7 Ways to Work with an Executive Search Consultant and Its Benefits

7 Ways To Work With An Executive Search Consultant And Its Benefits

by Mark Nancarrow in career
As job seekers, it is important to present yourself in the best light possible. This is particularly true when searching for a job or trying to move up the corporate ladder. Here in the UAE, one preferred method of taking a career to the next level is to work with a pharmaceutical headhunter or professional in medical devices recruitment to help. Let’s take a look at tips and tricks for how to work with an executive search consultant.

1. Identify the right recruitment specialist

In the life sciences field, finding the right medical devices recruiter or pharmaceutical headhunter is the first step in the process. To place you in the best possible job, using a consultant that specialises in life sciences recruitment will be the most effective.

Bring up the best executive search firms in the UAE with a Google search. From there, pursue the top sites and identify a headhunter that fits your specific niche. The recruiter should be open to connecting with you promptly to learn about any jobs you are interested in and to get a feel for how you work.

2. Schedule a call with the consultant

The next step in the job hunt is to speak with the consultant you choose. The best executive search agents, such as those with Kinetic, will walk a candidate through the application process and the best practices for proceeding.

It is important to have the pharmaceutical headhunter or medical devices recruitment specialist's advice on the correct application procedure. Failure to do this may result in the employer not taking your inquiry as seriously as someone who used an executive search agent. In many cases, the agent may have worked with the firm you are interested in or be familiar with what they have been attracted to in past successful candidates.

3. Be able to demonstrate why you want the position

When speaking with an executive search consultant, be ready to discuss your qualifications for the job. Back this up with actionable details of past work and highlights. Also, have questions prepared for the consultant. How are they going to help you? What do they think about your chances of success with such a position? How is the market looking right now and how long is the process expected to take?

4. Compile your CV materials and anything else necessary to apply

In your conversation with the executive search consultant, go over everything that you will need to successfully apply for the position. The consultant can advise on what a company wants in a CV, letters of recommendation, and any other materials that an employer is asking for from applicants.

Before sending them off, have a CV expert or trusted professional review your documents. It is important that they are not only personally tailored to the position, but are focusing on the correct accomplishments and career highlights. The last thing you want to do is ramble or not demonstrate a firm grasp on what the employer is looking for. Identify the keywords that will make your CV stand out. Emphasise past accomplishments, positions, and projects that are most relevant to this position and that will cause the employer to slow down and carefully read your CV.

This is an area where the pharmaceutical headhunter or medicl devices recruiter can be of help. He or she will have extensive knowledge of the job market and employers. This knowledge can be used to tailor the CV and accompanying documents, have them prepared in the right order and to the appropriate length, and ready to send.

5. Moving on to the internal interview

Medical Devices recruiters and pharma headhunters will often schedule an internal interview with candidates best suited for a position. This isn’t something to be nervous about – it’s actually a great benefit for job seekers. It gives the executive search consultant the opportunity to learn more about the candidate, their specific experience, and why they are the right person for the job.

This interview will either be done by phone or on a platform such as Skype. Candidates should be ready to do most of the talking themselves. Answers to questions should be detailed, engaging, and really bring out the personality and knowledge of the applicant.

6. Interviews with the firm

If you are a top candidate for the position, you’ll be called in for an interview. There may be two or more interviews during this process, just like in jobs you’ve applied to in the past. The first is a more wide-ranging, general interview with the hiring manager or an executive at the firm. Following this, the candidate may be required to meet individually with multiple executives at the company to discuss specific projects and details.

In many cases, the pharmaceutical recruiter will meet with you, the candidate, first to go over details. It is important to be ready for the interview. Learn about the company and the position. Have key talking points prepared and rehearsed.

The consultant will go over details of who you’ll be speaking with. You’ll cover what exactly they want to hear, and what to leave out. Take good notes and practice your biggest selling points the night before the first interview.

7. Post-interview follow-up

Be professional about follow-ups. If you decide to pursue another opportunity or are no longer after the position, let the recruiter know so that he or she can pass the info on to the firm.

Finally, it is important to always consider how you are presenting yourself to both the company and the recruiter. Be mindful of what they think of you and your ability to be pleasant to work with, to be responsible, and to be open to suggestions and feedback.

In any job search, questions will arise that you weren’t prepared for. Positions that seemed fitting may not end up being the right place at that time. This is what pharmaceutical headhunters and medical devices recruiters are best used for. Identify the right opportunities and position yourself in the best possible way for success. A good recruiter will get to know you and help identify the best course of action, even if the process takes longer than expected.

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