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How to Apply for Unadvertised Roles

by Kinetic Business Solutions in career , industry insights
The ‘hidden' job market in the region is big and there are a lot of candidates applying for unadvertised jobs. However, many aren’t targeted in their approach which costs them time in their job search. Rudy Bier spoke to Hadi Khatib from AMEinfo about how candidates should go about applying for unadvertised Pharmaceutical and Medical Device jobs with potential employers and recruiters.Take a look at the full interview here to find out;How to begin your search.How to approach the right people and follow up.The advantages of applying when no job is posted.What your CV should look like.How to...

How much are Pharma and Medical Device roles currently paying in the UAE?

by Kinetic Business Solutions in career , industry insights
Did you know that the medical device sector in the UAE is estimated to be worth AED 3.7 billion? The pharma market also increased its value to $5.7 billion in 2020 too.This is great news for Pharma and Medical Device candidates looking for a new role in the UAE - but which ones are being hired for at the moment and how much do they pay?Chris Atkinson, Managing Partner at Kinetic, shared his insights on this with The National;“Salaries vary depending on the size of the company. For example, a smaller local company may hire a key account manager for Dh20,000...

What opportunities are there for graduates in Pharma and Medical Devices?

by Kinetic Business Solutions in career , industry insights
The GCC pharmaceutical and medical device sectors are enjoying strong growth which means there are plenty of job opportunities available for fresh graduates. The pharma market alone has grown from just over $3 billion in 2015 to $5.7 billion in 2020 – almost doubling it’s worth in just five years. And the medical device sector in the UAE is estimated to be worth AED 3.7 billion and is growing year on year.Rudy Bier, Managing Partner at Kinetic, shared his thoughts on what graduates can expect when starting out in the industry this week with The National;“The...

What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Life Sciences Job in the UAE?

by Sara Assadi in career , industry insights
Healthcare recruiters in Dubai and Abu Dhabi receive inquiries from candidates around the world. Candidates with the highest chance of success are those who have taken the time to prepare for the mandatory requirements to work as a healthcare professional in the UAE. Healthcare recruiters engage more often, and with better results, with certified candidates. Let’s look at what it takes to be ready.Qualifications and TrainingThe first step for an expat looking to work as a medical professional in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is to ensure they have all necessary qualifications in their home country. As a candidate, you...

Essential Tips You Need For Your Job Search During Ramadan

by Rudy Bier in career , industry insights
The Holy month of Ramadan has just begun. Vacation resorts will fill up with businesspeople stepping away for a breather, and many take extra time to connect with their spiritual roots. Job searches still happen in the Gulf during Ramadan. How to search for a job during Ramadan is on the mind of executives and workers throughout the region.Luckily, executive search consultants don’t take the month off and can assist in the process. Healthcare recruiters and pharmaceutical headhunters will work throughout Ramadan and ensure the job search progresses even during a time when many shift their focus largely away...
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