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How To Attract Star Performers In The Medical Device Sector Part 2

by Rudy Bier in career
In a previous post we talked about building high performing teams. However the start is to attract the ‘right’ hire in the first place. That is why we put togther this two part series for you.Over the next few years as the UAE market grows, attracting the employees that are capable of taking your organisation forward will be a pivotal piece of your growth strategy.Considering the strategies we shared last time. What else needs to happen to attract your future stars?Show Your Passion in The Interview ProcessIf you’re not openly enthusiastic about the company, it’s going to...

How To (Consistently) Attract Star Performers in The Medical Device Sector Part 1

by Rudy Bier in career
The competition for talent in the Medical Device sector is fierce, with global companies vying to attract top performers. Last time we talked about building your team; only possible when you have attracted them in the first place.With this in mind we have created a two-part blog series to help and here is part one.While offering favourable salary and benefit packages to candidates are one small element of winning the recruitment wars, life science employers certainly cannot rely on this approach alone, particularly if their competitors are offering similar incentives.Attracting (and retaining) your stars takes a holistic...

Are Your Pharmaceutical Interview Skills Letting You Down?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Your CV has won you an interview, which means it’s time to get serious about maximising your chances of landing the role.In the pharmaceutical and life sciences fields, research and proof are all that truly matters, and the same rule applies for interviews in this sector, where you need to show that you’ve researched the company in detail and are ready to prove your worth with data and concise, hard-hitting examples of your past success.In truth, if it’s taking you less than a full day to prepare for your interview, you’re probably not sufficiently ready to win the...

How to Build a High Performing Life Sciences Team

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Whether you’re building a new team from scratch or trying to turn around an underperforming team, there are some crucial leadership strategies to follow to build a high performing life sciences team. Set out the vision and make it relevantAs a manager, your role is to create and communicate a vision worth caring about.Therefore, the company goals need to be broken down and made relevant to the team goals, and from there, you need to break down the team goals into individual goals so that each team member understands how and why their individual effort matters.Recruit One or...

How to Handle Difficult Conversations With Your Life Sciences Team

by Sara Jabari in career
It may be natural to fear having difficult conversations at work, but this negative mindset is not helpful to either party and can lead to a pattern of avoidance and problematic manager-team relationships. In order to succeed in a life sciences management role, you must learn to rise above the noise in your head to create a calm, clear, and decisive strategy for approaching delicate conversations in the workplace.Be Strategic About When You Call the MeetingThe longer we have to think about something unpleasant, the more dread/anger/nerves we build up about it. As such, make it easier on both of...
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