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8 (Easy) Ways to Create Success In Your New Lifesciences Role

by Chris Atkinson in career
While the COVID-19 outbreak has slowed recruitment in some sectors, in others, it has continued. Life science organisations have endured through the coronavirus outbreak in the hope of both treating and curing COVID-19. In Life Science Leader earlier this month, CEO of bioscience enterprise iQ Capital Keith Bliss writes: "The industry will remain on the forefront of finding, funding and developing the proper therapies and tools to not only fight COVID-19 but continue creating life-changing innovations day-after-day". It has never been more important for life science employees to drive the sector forwards. If you have recently started in a new life sciences role...

Tax Savings When Working with International Service Providers

by Rudy Bier in career
The UAE is widely considered to be one of the best places in the world for new businesses to start trading. The country has enjoyed year on year growth which doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Official data shows that 32,256 new business licences were issued across the UAE in 2019, bringing the number of active businesses to 572,615 – a booming economy. There are several factors which contribute to business owners and corporations choosing the UAE and Dubai as their location for new branches, one of which is the uniquely low tax rates.  Speaking to the Khaleej...

How to Update Your Hiring Process in the Age of the Coronavirus

by Chris Atkinson in career
While the coronavirus has caused many sectors to come to a standstill and has temporarily altered the way we live, for some businesses, life goes on. Pharmaceutical and medical devices products and services are in higher demand than ever, as the UAE continues to combat the virus.  But even during the crisis, businesses need to continue to hire – being fully-staffed right now is critically important.  With this in mind, what can pharmaceutical, medical devices organisations do to update their hiring processes in light of the COVID-19 situation? We discuss some helpful strategies to get through the coming weeks. Increased Demand Since the coronavirus outbreak, UAE private...

The Top 7 Secrets to Ensuring Pharmaceutical Candidates Always Say Yes to Your Job Offers

by Chris Atkinson in career
The burgeoning UAE pharmaceutical sector is an attractive career option for many with pharma experience. But with tremendous growth comes recruitment issues – many UAE-based pharmaceutical companies are struggling to source the talent they need to grow their business and stay competitive. It can be frustrating for a hiring manager when they think they have found the ‘right’ candidate, only to have them turn down the job offer after the interview. This guide contains the stipulations talented pharma candidates are looking for and what to offer them to get them to say ‘yes’ to your job offer. Let’s start with the recruitment process. 1. A...

5 (Easy) Body Language Interview Tips for Life Sciences Candidates

by Chris Atkinson in career
When you've secured an interview to further your life sciences career, you will want to start prepping for the day as soon as possible. This includes researching the company, carefully examining the job description, rehearsing answers to anticipated questions – and lastly, but not least, practising your body language, and how you present yourself. Indeed, you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and first impressions carry a lot of weight in job interviews. Life sciences organisations are populated with skilled professionals who also have high levels of empathy, with patient and end-user care an omnipresent issue. With this in mind...
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