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Building a Culture that Aligns with Candidate’s Values

by Chris Atkinson in career
In the wake of the pandemic, there is one thing on a business owner’s mind - and that is to ensure you are doing everything to thrive while navigating our ‘Covid-altered’ world. It will take some months and possibly even years to fully comprehend how the pandemic has affected your business. However, you can start implementing strategies to protect your organisation this year and for the future. There is currently a large window of opportunity for pharmaceutical, medical, and life science organisations to get your culture right.  Today we look at why now is the most critical time in years to work on your organisational culture. Why Culture...

How Kinetic are Investing in the Next Generation of Medical Devices Talent

by Rudy Bier in career
Our clients tend to be primarily global medical devices companies who have regional offices in the MENA geography. The companies in question employ anywhere between 10 to 1000 people in their regional offices, and many are multinational. With the Covid-19 pandemic events, it is more vital than ever that these medical device organisations can find the employees they need to continue to deliver life-saving medical equipment. Our mission is to continue to provide the talent they need when they need it. We are also dedicated to the MENA medical device sector’s long-term success, and we contribute to this in several different ways.  Let me explain how. Finding the Right People for the Right Roles Recruiting in the medical...

The 4 Crucial Elements of a Great Company Culture in our Post-Covid World

by Rudy Bier in career
In a recent blog, we talked about attracting candidates to your organisation with your employer brand. Today, we look at company culture, and what defines a great culture in your post-pandemic pharmaceutical, medical device or life science organisation. Your employer brand is the beacon which attracts candidates, whereas your company culture is the values and ethics that underpins everything your company stands for. Demonstrating a great culture is an excellent way to attract candidates and retain employees, and also to keep your customers and clients happy. But since the Covid-19 outbreak, what it means to have a great company culture has changed. A great culture creates engaged, happy employees...

How to Attract Top Life Science Talent with Your Employer Brand

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The pandemic has caused many shifts in society, and none more so in the workplace. Life science organisations have faced challenges this year that no-one could have predicted which have changed the nature of the sector. When looking to attract and retain top life science talent in our post-pandemic world, your employer brand is more vital than ever. The pandemic created an unprecedented situation, which left many employers unsure of how to react. In life sciences organisations, the need for top talent has been greater than ever this year, and some employers have been more successful in attracting the candidates they...

Finding the ‘Right’ Hire for One of the Largest Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in the World

by Mark Nancarrow in career
At Kinetic, we work with clients of varying sizes, and we are one of the only UAE recruitment companies specialising in pharmaceuticals, medical device and life sciences who can work with some of the largest multinational organisations in the world. Our expert recruitment process has been successful in placing thousands of candidates in high profile roles over many years. We are often asked about our recruitment process, and we are happy to share how we achieve success for our loyal clients. Today, we share the story of how we found an elusive candidate for a prestigious role within a multinational pharmaceutical company...
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