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Kinetic source professionals locally and internationally with extensive industry expertise for leading Energy & Sustainability organisations across the Middle East & Africa.
Nuclear Energy
Crop Safety
Water Management
Food Technology
Waste Management
Solar Energy
Oil & Gas
Wind Power

Some common mandates we work on include:

  • Agronomists
    Plant Manager
    Business Development Managers
    Catalyst Sales Manager
    Sales and Marketing Manager
    Digital Marketing
    Commercial Managers
    Drilling Manager
    Exploration Manager
    General Managers & C-Suite Executives
    Human Resource Managers
    Hydrocracking, Hydrotreating Catalyst Sales Manager
    Lab Managers
    Marketing Managers
    Material Engineers
    Quality Control
    R&D Specialists
    Regional Sales Managers
    Research & Development Specialist/Manager
    Site Managers
    Supply Chain Specialists
    Syngas Account Manager/Sales Manager
    Syngas Technical Sales Service Engineer
    Upstream, Midstream and Downstream

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