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How to Create a LinkedIn Profile for Your Life Sciences Job Search

by Chris Atkinson in career
How much time in the last few months have you dedicated to checking or updating your LinkedIn profile? If like most of us, this is a job that always seems to make its way of to the end of your ‘to-do’ list, then you might not realise the extent of the career opportunities you could be missing. There have been some significant changes on LinkedIn this year, meaning it has never been a better time to take advantage of this social business network for your life sciences job search.  It is now easier than ever to connect, share current articles and life sciences news with your industry contacts and make you stand out from the crowd.  In this article, I...

How to Influence Your Pharmaceutical Corporate Footprint

by Chris Atkinson in career
Environmental issues are dominating the UAE as they are across the world. While world leaders attempt to tackle climate change and carbon emissions, the task for the UAE is even greater. The region has been rated number one in the world for having the most significant ecological footprint by the World Wildlife Fund.  The WWF report identified critical environmental threats, including carbon footprints, air pollution and waste generation; all factors that are influenced heavily by industry and large corporations.  While there are unavoidable by-products of the pharmaceutical, medical devices and life sciences sectors, what can companies be doing individually to raise awareness...

5 Simple Strategies to Deliver A Stand Out Medical Devices Job Specification

by Chris Atkinson in career
Medical device organisations are populated by some of the most talented and motivated people I have come across during my career as a recruiter in this field -  they seamlessly join the tech and the medical world together, and produce and develop innovations which are changing the world. With this in mind, it is essential to ensure that the employees you hire into your medical device organisation are of the best calibre. Hiring skilled and conscientious team members will improve services for the end-user - the patient – and, ultimately, it can save lives. To build an excellent medical devices team, you need the best candidates...

Why Your Comfort Zone is Letting You Down

by Chris Atkinson in career
If you can’t remember the last time you felt like you were outside your comfort zone, then chances are it was a considerable time ago.  Staying within a physical, emotional or behavioural place where we feel ‘safe’ is a natural human reaction, and existing in these spaces is something most of us do without a second thought. But, when you stay within your career comfort zone for too long, this can ultimately produce negative results. When you get too comfortable, your career can stop progressing, and all too often, this happens without the employee realising. After working with many pharmaceutical...

Key Things to Consider When Exploring New Geographical Markets

by Rudy Bier in career
Geographic expansion is necessary for accessing new markets, can be financially beneficial, and will give you access to new talent pools to build your pipeline for the future. At Kinetic, we have seen a multitude of new and existing businesses choose this area for their investment, and in this article I want to discuss with you some of the main points to consider, including some general business expansion issues as well as how to expand into the UAE. The trajectory of the UAE’s economy is still increasing. The GDP of Dubai is predicted to grow by 3.8% in 2020, overtaking the rate of 2.1% that...
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