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The 7 Uncomfortable Reasons You Were Rejected From The Pharma Role You Just Applied For

by Chris Atkinson in career
No one likes rejection. During your search for the perfect pharma role, there’s a good chance you’ll have numerous interviews from a range of companies. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance at least some of your applications will be rejected.  Though the demand for medical talent is high in the current hiring market, pharma companies still can’t afford to settle for anything less than the best for their teams. If you don’t seem like the most productive, dedicated, and talented person for the role, you’ll miss out.  Fortunately, knowing some of the most common reasons you might be rejected from a pharma role can...

6 Critical Steps to Choosing Your Medical Devices Recruitment Partner

by Rudy Bier in career
No medical device company can thrive without access to the right talent. A competitive workforce is how you outshine other brands, attract clients, and unlock opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, all over the globe, a significant shortage of skilled medical device professionals is leaving brands battling for the right recruitment opportunities.  Leveraging the right medical device recruitment partner is how businesses of all sizes improve their chances of finding the right team members fast. What's more, a reliable recruitment partner helps to reduce your risk of a bad hire, improve your onboarding strategy, and set your organisation up for success. The question for most medical companies isn't whether they...

Running for a Cause

by Kinetic Business Solutions
This month, Pharma Team Leader, Sophia and Tricia, Senior Resource Consultant - Devices, will be taking part in The Dubai Run to raise money for Friends of Cancer Patients, a UAE-based charity. "1 in 2 people will be effected by Cancer in their lifetime and FoCP do an amazing job in supporting those impacted by this awful disease, from children to adults, whether that's with transport or help in funding treatment. As a long term residents in the UAE - it's so important to give back to local charities who could, one day, be needed to help our friends or loved...

How to Onboard Your New Employees in a Remote-First World

by Chris Atkinson in career
Successful onboarding is a crucial part of retaining your pharma talent. Every lost employee has a negative impact on your business, and almost 20% of employee turnover happens during the first 45 days of someone starting a new role.  Rolling out the welcome mat with the right onboarding experience helps your staff members to feel like a more valuable and appreciated part of the team. Unfortunately, a new era of remote-first working has created new challenges for onboarding. It's often difficult to develop a rapport and trust with new people when you're not meeting them face-to-face. If you're taking advantage of...

4 Ways to Boost Your Employees Wellbeing

by Rudy Bier in career
Employee wellbeing is a hot topic in virtually every industry. Today’s top talent is on the hunt for an employer capable of showing empathy, understanding, and humanity. If you want to attract the most appealing pharma, medical and life sciences experts, you need an employee wellbeing strategy. Though investing in your team’s wellness might seem challenging and expensive, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Positive wellbeing significantly reduces absenteeism and staff turnover while improving productivity, motivation, and employee engagement.  So, how do you foster a company culture built around wellbeing? Encourage Effective Communication Communication is the key to a happy, engaged, and...
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