Globally, we saw the chemical sector grow in value from $4700.13 billion in 2022, to $5079.29 billion in 2023. So, there’s no doubt how much of a critical role in the economy this sector has, producing raw materials across many industries, from pharmaceuticals and construction to agriculture, and more. As Q2 draws to a close, what are the 5 key trends to be excited about for the rest of this year?
1. Sustainability and Innovation:
The chemicals industry is embracing the power of innovation and sustainability to go beyond mere abatement. By integrating these principles, companies are looking to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future for all.
2. Portfolio Transformation:
Taking decisive actions in the near term positions the industry for long-term transformation. Many believe it’s time to assess and reshape their portfolios to align with evolving market demands and seize emerging opportunities.
3. Supply Chains:
In response to the challenges faced in 2022, it’s crucial to rearchitect supply chains. Balancing costs, reducing carbon footprint, and enhancing resilience are key considerations. We have seen many in the Chemicals industry focus on building robust Supply Chains as a result.
4. Digital Adaptations:
Emerging technologies are driving remarkable improvements across the value chain, while also fostering sustainability. By harnessing the power of digitalization, many in the industry have been able to enhance efficiency, transparency, and innovation.
5. Investment in Circularity:
The circular economy takes center stage with a growing emphasis across the value chain, encompassing product design and recycling infrastructure. At Kinetic, we’re looking forward to seeing these key trends take effect and see what the market holds for the second half of the year.
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