With the demand for medical advancements to improve health across the globe increasing, the work of life-sciences employees has never been more essential. Especially in the post-Covid world we now find ourselves occupying.

With the pandemic threatening to make significant changes to the life-sciences industry – driving success and innovation in this sector is something that all its employees strive for.
The pandemic has changed parts of the way we live and work – but one thing it hasn’t changed is the constant drive and ambition shared by the most talented life-sciences candidates.

If you are looking to further your life-sciences career, this article is all about those things that the most successful life-sciences employees I work with do every working day – adopt these habits. You will see why they are so effective at creating success.

1. They Track Their Progress

The most successful life-sciences employees are acutely aware of where they are in their professional journey, documenting their progress through their reviews and personal journal. This allows them to plan for their growth – their next training programme, their next development area.

They are aware of making sure their career is on an upward trajectory, and always building on their talents and their goals so that their life-sciences role doesn’t become stagnant.
How do they ensure they are on the right path?

2. They Set S.M.A.R.T Goals

Many life-sciences candidates tell me they want to improve their career prospects by professional growth, yet they haven’t accurately planned for what this means.
A tip I give candidates to help them develop is to set S.M.A.R.T goals;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely

When you document your goals and achievements in this way, it makes talking about your career success in an interview so much easier. You can accurately present to the interviewer where you started and how you have built on it.

3. They Don’t Procrastinate

Quite often, a candidate will come to me stating that they have wanted a new role for a while, yet they have taken years in making the first move – they have procrastinated on their success.

You have the opportunity right now to boost your career, whether that’s undertaking additional training, trying for a promotion or landing a new role.

Successful life-sciences candidates don’t wait for the opportunities to happen – they go out and find them.

4. They’re Optimists

Speaking about the recent focus on the life-saving need to beat the virus, Karla Talanian of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council said recently“the life sciences industry has suddenly become the hope and inspiration of the world.”

The most successful life-sciences employees can see the positives in any given situation, an essential skill given the current situation around the world. Optimism allows people to see opportunities where negative people see challenges – it is this innovative optimism which drives the life-sciences sector; of believing in a better world for everyone.

5. They Surround Themselves with the Best Team

Innovation drives life-sciences, and for this, a collaborative environment is essential.

In recent months, life-sciences organisations across the world have shown how vital collaboration is, with different companies working together for the first time to try and find a vaccine to beat the virus.

Management expert Ken Blanchard says “none of us is as smart as all of us” – sage advice to remember.

6. They Don’t Let Failure Overcome Them

A vital characteristic of all successful life-sciences employees is the ability to keep failure in perspective.

Failure is a normal part of all of our lives; it would be unusual for you to never fail at some things.

But how you approach failure is critical. Every successful life-sciences career is built on a series of successes, failures, and the lessons learned from this.

Finally, let’s look at the importance of keeping healthy for success in your life-sciences career.

7. They Look After Their Mind and Body

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is essential for success, not just in life-sciences but in all sectors and walks of life.

In the professional world there can be a lot of pressure on employees to work so hard they burn themselves out – this is no good for your employer or for you. Top life-sciences employees recognise the importance of getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising, and striking the right work-life balance.

Professional success must be measured against success in other parts of your life too. If you burn yourself out working and have no time or energy to spend with your family, how successful can you really claim to be?


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