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How To Improve Staff Engagement In Your Life Sciences Organisation

by Nadia Khan in career
Staff engagement remains the company buzzword of our times. Little wonder, high levels of employee engagement correlate strongly with high performance, low turnover, creativity, and increased profit.  In life sciences, many employees face pressures such as long hours, high-stress roles, and ever-changing regulatory compliance. Engagement helps them cope with these challenges. And given that employee engagement levels have been clearly tied to patient outcomes, the difference between an engaged and disengaged life sciences employee can literally mean the difference between life and death.  However, despite the important benefits of having engaged employees, many life sciences companies still struggle to create the conditions for a more engaged workforce.  So...

Why Life Sciences Stars Need A Great CV

by Chris Atkinson in career
  Traditional CVs are still the best way to showcase your experience and skills in a concise and compelling format. While modern professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn are opening up new ways to find jobs and promote yourself to employers, a CV remains the primary way that pharmaceutical or medical devices employers will gauge your suitability and decide if you will progress to the interview round.  Today we’re going to look some of the common problems with life sciences CVs, and how they urgently need to be adapted to the modern recruitment landscape.  1. Computers are probably reading your CVs, not people.  In many cases, the first entity to read your CV won’t be a person at all...

How to Become a Better Life Sciences Leader

by Sophia Nambiar in career
Leadership is a challenge, and one that is continually changing and demanding new things of you. Life sciences is a dynamic and challenging industry, and it can be hard to know the quickest route to becoming a great leader.Here are some suggestions on how to join the ranks of the best life sciences leaders.1. Become a better listenerListening well is a fine art, but it’s one very few ever learn. Many leaders consider their role to be more about ‘telling’ than listening, but those pharmaceutical and medical devices leaders who want to get the most out of their...

How To Take Charge Of Your Pharmaceutical Career

by Chris Atkinson in career
The New Year is almost upon us, which means that for many in the pharma field, it’s time to look at how you’d like to take control of your career in the coming 12 months. Whether you’re in sales, regulation, marketing, or medical, there’s always room to exert more influence and accelerate your climb up the career ladder.  1. Become A Master Networker It’s not what you know, but who you know, right? We’ve all heard it, and for ill or for good, it’s just as true in life sciences as it is in any other industry.  Doors merely open easier for the well-connected. Whereas for others...

3 Little Known Facts That Can Affect Your Recruiting Process

by Rudy Bier in career
The battle for talent in healthcare is fierce, and only intensifying as the skill shortage grows.In a rapidly changing healthcare marketplace, only the fittest will survive—and the fittest are those who manage to secure the the best pharmaceutical and medical devices talent.Here are four little known facts that can make or break your recruitment strategy.1. Culture is STILL less understood than it should be.Company culture is one of the great buzzwords of our time, and companies who take the care to create an attractive culture are effective in attracting and retaining top-tier candidates.Given the attention...
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