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Why Successful Pharma and Med Device Stars Conduct Their Own Mid-Year Review

by Chris Atkinson in career
As the year passes its halfway mark, many pharma and medical device professionals will be anticipating their mid-year performance review. To make the right impression for your review, it’s important to assess your career progress so far this year, measuring how you’ve performed against your manager’s targets, as well as your own goals.  By conducting a self-assessment before a performance review, you’re not only better placed to explain any obstacles you’ve faced or justify a promotion, but you’re also marking yourself out as someone who is in control of their results, and their career.  What form should a self-assessment take? You may want to prepare...

How To Be A Productive Leader Even Though Your ‘To Do’ List Is Expanding

by Chris Atkinson in career
Today’s pharma leaders are busier than ever before, and it takes a cool, calm and competent manager to make headway on company goals while simultaneously putting out the everyday fires of running a team.  It is possible. By wringing every last moment out of the day, you can push your team to new heights and get the respect of senior management - all while keeping on top of your admin.  The key is in your productivity. There are ways to find ‘lost’ hours in your day and week and reclaim a sense of order and control over your schedule.  Here are six ways you can supercharge your productivity.  1...

The Ultimate Guide To Excelling At A Pharma Assessment Centre

by Mark Nancarrow in career
Assessment centres can strike a frisson of fear into the hearts of the most confident of candidates, while for more introverted candidates they can feel downright terrifying.  They don’t need to be something to fear. There’s a place for every type of personality to shine in an assessment centre, and as many pharma companies use assessment centre testing as a core pillar of their recruitment, smart candidates know to do their homework to succeed.  How can you prepare for an assessment centre? Here’s how.  1. Know what to expect.  Assessment centres follow a formula, with the core aim to discover both more about you and how you...

How To Get (Even) Better At Learning

by Rudy Bier in career
Medical Devices is a field where constant learning is a requirement of success. However, how good a learner are you? You are degree educated and possibly post grad qualified too with an impressive IQ. Your smarts are what got you through school and university and into this industry full of other bright minds.  However, is this belief in your innate intelligence holding you back from being even better at your job? Alternatively, is your concern about having a lower intrinsic intelligence level than your peers blinding you to your potential to outstrip them?  In both cases, quite possibly.  Intriguingly, studies show that people who put real thought into the process...

Delegation: A Pharmaceutical Leaders Biggest Challenge

by Chris Atkinson in career
It is a recognised fact that pharmaceutical and life science employees are some of the hardest working on the planet; it seems to go with the territory doesn’t it. However, we are all human beings, and neither you or your team will deliver the results you want if you work yourself into the ground, as you ‘try’ to do it all. Making the transition from an expert contributor to a recognised and productive leader is not easy. One of the classic challenges you will face is the ability to delegate. All too often this leadership skill proves a stumbling block for many life sciences leaders and managers who have previously excelled in their field as individuals. Now they...
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