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Why Having A Personal Brand Is Crucial In The Life Science Sector

by Mark Nancarrow in employer
Many things have changed in the lifescience and healthcare sector over the last few years. From shifting EU regulations, Digital health and the implications of A.I., and a changing workforce where Millennials across the globe are rapidly moving into crucial leadership roles. Though one thing has not changed; it is people that bring products to market and consequently grow life sciences organisations. Therefore, if you want to stand out as a leader of the future, there is one thing in today's life sciences world that will make you stand out; your personal brand. What is a ‘personal brand’? A personal brand is a relatively new term for something that has been around...

How To Attract High Performing Millennial Talent Into The Life Sciences Sector

by Rudy Bier in career
According to the latest data from Deloitte by 2020  over 70% of the workforce will be made up of Millennial talent.  Many organisations, from large government agencies to small niche biotech companies are wrestling with the problem of how to attract and retain high performing Millennial employees to their organisation.  This workforce group has some unique characteristics, and that means essential strategies need to be used by pharmaceutical and medical devices companies looking to market themselves as attractive destinations for Millenial employees. The success or not of how you do this will have a significant impact on your business growth and culture as you move forward over the next few years.   What Defines Millennials?  Known by two different names (Millennials or Gen Y) this is a generation that attracts...

9 Reasons To Change Your Life Sciences Job This Year

by Rudy Bier in career
Deciding to leave your job is a big decision, and many people find themselves agonising over the choice for a long time.   Here are 9 reasons you should think seriously about changing your life sciences job this year-including one reason you really won’t expect. 1. You’re not being developed.  You are stagnating in your role, and despite your requests to be developed, your manager isn’t offering you further training. You become bored, and opportunities are passing by as you sit on a lower rung of the career ladder.  With the rise of A.I. in life sciences, you need take steps to ensure that your skills can’t be outsourced to technology in the future...

How To Manage Work-Related Stress In Your Organisation

by Chris Atkinson in career
Workplace stress is an epidemic, with burnout, anxiety, illness, and depression from workplace stress leading to high rates of absenteeism and employee turnover.  In the life sciences sector where the stakes are so high, employees often work longer than usual hours and operate under a relatively high level of pressure.  If a workplace then compounds these stressors with poor management, such as unclear or excessive expectations or a lack of support for their employees, the problems can become severe and impact on employees’ mental and physical health.  Here are some strategies to identify and reduce workplace stress in the pharma and medical devices environments.  Identifying Workplace Stress in...

7 Ways to Recruit the Right Personalities for your Life Sciences Team

by Sara Jabari in career
In a US study, 37% of new life sciences hires leave within the first 12 months, and often their departure has nothing to do with whether they had the skills to do the job, but because their attitude, working style or behaviour did not fit with the team.  Hiring well is an art—one that requires a deep knowledge of the dynamic of the existing team and an impressive knack for spotting problematic or ill-matched behaviours.  Luckily, there’s an array of powerful strategies and tools for helping you to hire the right personalities for your life sciences team.  1. Assess what the team needs. You’re not hiring someone in isolation: you...
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