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6 Productivity Hacks For Ambitious Pharma Leaders

by Chris Atkinson in career
For managers in the pharma industry, productivity isn’t just a goal; it’s an imperative. With teams to run, quotas to meet, and countless tasks to complete, every moment of your time is precious. Learning how to use each minute correctly will be essential to your success.  Unfortunately, finding and maintaining a high level of productivity isn’t always easy. There are endless distractions vying for your attention in today’s fast-paced landscape. What’s more, many pharma specialists are beginning to work remotely or with a hybrid schedule that creates new challenges to overcome.  Here are just some of the ways you can turbocharge...

How to Apply for Unadvertised Roles

by Kinetic Business Solutions in career , industry insights
The ‘hidden' job market in the region is big and there are a lot of candidates applying for unadvertised jobs. However, many aren’t targeted in their approach which costs them time in their job search. Rudy Bier spoke to Hadi Khatib from AMEinfo about how candidates should go about applying for unadvertised Pharmaceutical and Medical Device jobs with potential employers and recruiters.Take a look at the full interview here to find out;How to begin your search.How to approach the right people and follow up.The advantages of applying when no job is posted.What your CV should look like.How to...

Are You Wondering Where All The Hot Healthcare Candidates Are?

by Rudy Bier in career
What happened to all the amazing healthcare candidates? The UAE spent around $15.5 billion on healthcare in 2019, and the sector is growing at around 10% per year. Whether you’re involved in pharmaceuticals, healthcare devices, or medical innovation, the demand for healthcare remains strong. Unfortunately, the number of candidates available to help healthcare companies grow is dropping.  Talent shortages in healthcare aren’t a new concept. For years, employers have struggled to find and retain the best employees for their teams. However, since the pandemic, the shortage has grown increasingly evident, and the available candidates are more stringent about the employers they choose to...

Does Your Employer Brand Need an Upgrade?

by Chris Atkinson in career
Just like business brands help to engage customers, employer brands ensure companies can attract the right talent. In the health, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, where access to talent is limited, the right brand is crucial to building the perfect team.  Currently, about 86% of HR professionals say that recruitment is rapidly becoming more like marketing, as candidates do extensive research into their potential employers. Today, you need more than just the right salary to attract a top employee; you also need a brand that conveys company culture, specific values, and a clear vision for the future. Crucially, your brand isn’t...

The 5 Simple Steps to Better Talent Retention

by Chris Atkinson in career
Finding the right talent in the healthcare industry is difficult enough. Keeping your crucial staff members around can be even harder.  Even the world’s most impressive pharma and medical device companies have to deal with the threat of top talent being lured away by other opportunities. Since the pandemic, this issue has grown even more pervasive, with a huge number of employees now considering new roles. According to Microsoft, around 46% of the workforce are planning to take advantage of new, more flexible roles. So, how do you convince your team to stay put in an environment like this? Like most things...
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