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Is Your Job Offer Turning Great Candidates Away?

by Mark Nancarrow in career
The demand for high-quality medical devices, pharmaceutical, and life science candidates is greater than ever. In addition, in a post-pandemic environment, companies everywhere are looking for experts with specialist skills. This puts business leaders and recruiters under significant pressure.  Unfortunately, even if you’re convinced you have a great interviewing strategy and onboarding process, you could still be missing out on candidates. If your job offer isn’t attractive enough to your potential employees, you’re not going to get the attention you deserve. So, how do you know if your job offer is turning great candidates away? 1. You are Not Offering the Right Benefits Package The...

How to Lead Your Medical Device Team Through Challenging Times

by Rudy Bier in career
There have been few moments throughout history that have placed the same degree of pressure on the healthcare landscape for the current generation. Hospitals and clinics are overrun, researchers have been working at greater speeds, and teams have been struggling to innovate constantly.  Everyone involved with the healthcare industry, from medical device consultants to product specialists, struggles to keep their head above water. The question for leaders is, how do you motivate, guide, and empower your team in these difficult times? Even as the world continues to look towards opportunities to reduce restrictions and re-enter normalcy, medical device innovators have a...

How to Handle The Counter Offer Your Outstanding Candidate Just Received

by Chris Atkinson in career
Finding and recruiting the best life sciences and medical devices staff can be tough.  There is a significant skills shortage threatening all parts of the medical sector today. Even with amazing benefits and salaries to offer, companies can struggle to find the talent they need. Even if you make it through the challenges of finding candidates, sorting through options, and extending an offer, your candidate might be won over by a counteroffer from their existing employer.  Around 57% of employees accept the new offers they receive when still employed by an existing brand. However, it pays to have a plan for what you’re going to...

The Sensible and Surefire Steps to Get Your CV Infront of A Hiring Manager

by Mark Nancarrow in career
If I had been writing this post fifteen years ago, people would have thought I was strange. Back then, you could post your CV to the hiring manager, and you would stand a sporting chance that it would be read. Not so now. The internet has truly changed the face of recruitment forever. Online portals, social media, LinkedIn, job boards and A.T.S. (applicant tracking systems) dominate the recruitment landscape. Why Job Searching on Your Own Rarely Works When it comes to looking for your next healthcare career move, you might be tempted to go it alone. With so many online opportunities, surely, this is the best option...

7 (Easy) Interviewing Strategies for Healthcare Hiring Managers

by Rudy Bier in career
Go to any recruitment company website in the healthcare sector, and I am sure you will find multiple articles that relate to how to excel in your next pharma or med-devices interview.Topics might include preparing in advance, what to wear, how to exude confidence and the list goes on. Advice is sold on the premise that most candidates are not applying for jobs constantly, and therefore their interview skills might get rusty. But what about interview skills for hiring managers?  Is it right to assume that a manager who does not interview regularly will automatically be good at interviewing; the answer is...
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