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How much are Pharma and Medical Device roles currently paying in the UAE?

by Kinetic Business Solutions in career , industry insights
Did you know that the medical device sector in the UAE is estimated to be worth AED 3.7 billion? The pharma market also increased its value to $5.7 billion in 2020 too.This is great news for Pharma and Medical Device candidates looking for a new role in the UAE - but which ones are being hired for at the moment and how much do they pay?Chris Atkinson, Managing Partner at Kinetic, shared his insights on this with The National;“Salaries vary depending on the size of the company. For example, a smaller local company may hire a key account manager for Dh20,000...

Why the UAE is Still the Place for New Enterprises to Succeed

by Rudy Bier in career
The UAE is packed full of opportunities for business development and growth. For years now, the region has strengthened its position as a hub of innovation, inspiration, and opportunity. Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of the UAE's economic success, so it's little wonder that the location continues to deliver new and better ways for innovators to thrive.  Unlike other locations, the United Arab Emirates has 22 free zones, and non-UAE nationals can own up to 100% of the shares of a company in these environments. This makes Dubai one of the most popular regions globally for pioneers in search of new opportunities and consistent growth...

What You Need To Know About Hybrid Working in Healthcare

by Rudy Bier in career
Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are some of the most innovative and agile in the world. In the healthcare industry, you need to constantly adapt to new trends, conditions, outbreaks, and requests. Thriving in a transformative industry also means being prepared to support an evolving team.  The hybrid work model has been taking the world by storm since the pandemic of 2020. Forced to reconsider the benefits of remote and flexible working, companies have discovered the hybrid model as the perfect balance between both worlds. Studies show that around 51% of employers now support a hybrid work model, and 63% of high-growth companies use...

Why It's Wise To Use A Recruiter Who Understands Diversity and Inclusion Hiring

by Rudy Bier in career
Diversity is one of the most critical features of any successful team.  Cognitive diversity (people with different thinking patterns) can improve team innovation by 20%. Studies from analysts like McKinsey & Company also found that more diverse companies are more likely to outperform their peers in profitability.  While inclusion and diversity strategies often start at the top in most companies, working with the right recruiter can greatly impact your ability to find the right talent. Recruiters are the first point of contact between employers and candidates, and they can be fantastic for filtering out issues of bias in hiring practices.  Here's why it's always better to...

Gamification in Healthcare Hiring: What You Need to Know

by Chris Atkinson in career
As demand for healthcare talent continues to accelerate, it’s growing increasingly difficult for employers to capture and retain candidate attention. The best people are now more cautious with their evaluation of hiring opportunities. The best talent is looking for the best benefits, the best development options, and the best company culture.  So, how do you show your candidates that your organisation can offer something special? It all starts with the recruitment process. Gamification in healthcare hiring engages potential candidates, generates excitement about your company, and improves your employer brand.  Let’s explore how gamification in recruiting could be the key to an easier hiring experience...
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