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What Makes A Stand out Sales Manager In The Pharmaceutical Sector?

by Chris Atkinson in career
A standout sales manager can be the catalyst for a pharma team’s success, driving strategy, building a cohesive team, and managing budgets and resources in a way that dramatically benefits the business. But what are the ideal skills and qualities of successful pharma and medical device sales managers?  Whether you’re looking to become an exceptional pharma sales manager, or are looking to recruit a star sales manager to run your team, here are the critical qualities that you should be seeking.   1. They have to be able to wear multiple hats.   A sales manager is almost always promoted to their position because of an impressive history of sales success, but...

The 6 Big Career Mistakes We See In the Life Sciences Field

by Chris Atkinson in career
Many people in the life sciences enter the field with a good education, plenty of talent and grand ambition, but within a few years find themselves treading water rather than climbing up the career ladder. Career mistakes happen when individuals stop taking control of their career, inadvertently ‘handing the reins’ over to their bosses, their companies, or even (gasp), just to fate. Many a bright career can stall or go entirely off track unless firm action is taken. It’s never too late to regain control over your career. Here are some of the most common career mistakes we see in life sciences. Are you guilty...

5 Ways Life Sciences Recruitment Is Changing In The MENA Region

by Rudy Bier in career
Life sciences recruitment is changing across the globe, including powerful changes happening in the MENA region.  Pharma and medical device companies must keep abreast of these trends to continue to attract and retain top talent. Here are five ways life sciences recruitment is changing in the MENA region.  1. AI and Virtual Reality are changing recruitment processes. Worldwide, technology is changing the way companies recruit, and these changes are being felt locally. There’s a marked increase in automation in hiring, or utilising AI screening in initial rounds of assessing candidates suitability.  Additionally, Virtual Reality is on the rise, with forward-thinking companies now creating VR walkthroughs of their workplaces...

Why Successful Pharma and Med Device Stars Conduct Their Own Mid-Year Review

by Chris Atkinson in career
As the year passes its halfway mark, many pharma and medical device professionals will be anticipating their mid-year performance review. To make the right impression for your review, it’s important to assess your career progress so far this year, measuring how you’ve performed against your manager’s targets, as well as your own goals.  By conducting a self-assessment before a performance review, you’re not only better placed to explain any obstacles you’ve faced or justify a promotion, but you’re also marking yourself out as someone who is in control of their results, and their career.  What form should a self-assessment take? You may want to prepare...

How To Be A Productive Leader Even Though Your ‘To Do’ List Is Expanding

by Chris Atkinson in career
Today’s pharma leaders are busier than ever before, and it takes a cool, calm and competent manager to make headway on company goals while simultaneously putting out the everyday fires of running a team.  It is possible. By wringing every last moment out of the day, you can push your team to new heights and get the respect of senior management - all while keeping on top of your admin.  The key is in your productivity. There are ways to find ‘lost’ hours in your day and week and reclaim a sense of order and control over your schedule.  Here are six ways you can supercharge your productivity.  1...
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