If I had been writing this post fifteen years ago, people would have thought I was strange. Back then, you could post your CV to the hiring manager, and you would stand a sporting chance that it would be read.

Not so now. The internet has truly changed the face of recruitment forever. Online portals, social media, LinkedIn, job boards and A.T.S. (applicant tracking systems) dominate the recruitment landscape.

Why Job Searching on Your Own Rarely Works

When it comes to looking for your next healthcare career move, you might be tempted to go it alone. With so many online opportunities, surely, this is the best option?

The answer is not always.

I will dive deeper into why in a second.

The reality is that the more opportunities to apply for, while on the surface might appear positive, this opportunity is available for everyone else too.

In the current marketplace dominated by Covid, as healthcare companies are generally doing well, it also means that more qualified and experienced people are swapping sectors and moving into the healthcare sector to gain job stability and career opportunities.

Competition is everywhere.

Organisations will often have hundreds of positions available, which means thousands of applications are generally managed by a particular system.

Earlier I mentioned applicant tracking systems which you will often see referred to as A.T.S. This software uses A.I. technology to screen candidates that apply to open roles in organisations. We even use a version of this here at Kinetic for candidates to know and understand their key skills and experience.

This all sounds good. Well, yes and no. Remember, the goal is to get your CV in the hands of a hiring manager rather than deleted because you did not consider what would happen in the applicant tracking process.

One way to navigate this is to use the services of an experienced specialist recruiter for your sector, which I will cover later; for now, though, if you are thinking of going job hunting alone, here are some suggestions.

Keywords are King and Remember Formatting and Files

Sometimes applicants forget the practical basics of getting past the first hurdle.

Let’s start at the beginning with the file type you use.

Though PDFs are used consistently by many of us, most applicant tracking systems use Word as their preferred format, generally, a .docx file. Depending on where you are uploading your CV, the system will tell you the format to use. Please do not ignore this; otherwise, your CV will be in the A.I. wastebin.

Formatting is critical for a CV, especially as it moves through the process and both the robot and human eye read it. Plain CVs work best, so forget the fancy formatting; it is not necessary. Instead, focus on the key information you are adding.

The good news is that applicant tracking system-friendly CV formatting and structure are identical to what humans like. (HINT: by both specialist recruiters and hiring managers.)

The preferred A.T.S. system (just like human beings) of the organisation you are applying to will read from left to right and top to bottom. For example, your name and contact information should all be at the top, and your work history should start with your most recent or current position.

We live in an online world, and the ability to search well is based on keywords and phrases. Who hasn’t searched for something online and consistently narrowed down their search until they got what they wanted?

This is exactly how A.T.S. algorithms work. Think about the keywords and phrases used in the role advert or job description.

For instance, let’s say you are a finance director looking for a role in the pharmaceutical sector. Using keywords like ‘pharmaceutical manufacturing’ or a ‘degree in finance’ would be key to include as the A.I. bots will be programmed to search out keywords like this in your CV.

Similarly, if you have experience using different accounting software packages, add this.

Apply for Roles You Are Qualified for Only

Though I am sure some healthcare candidates have in the past applied for roles hoping for a chance to be considered, this isn’t advised with current technology.

All that will happen is your CV will be deleted in a similar way to a hiring manager or specialist recruiter rejecting a CV that does not have the core competencies required.

Remember, you must have the core skills for the role.

Let’s say you are applying for a Medical Devices Sales Manager position within the U.A.E. A core requirement or skill might be to know the area well and to have a minimum of three years of sales management experience. The reality is that these are core requirements which, if you do not have them, would result in a poor hire for the organisation who would be unable to deliver the results expected.

Make Your Life Easier and Work with a Specialist Recruiter

Tracking systems are there to help, and of course, they are there to streamline the process for the company hiring who are overwhelmed with applications.

Companies invest in something else, too, and that is the help of a specialist recruiter like Kinetic.

Organisations know that sometimes A.T.S. systems can mean a great commercial manager or H.R. Associate will be missed. They understand that we can find the people they cannot, which could be you.

We know what roles are out there, many of which are not even advertised, and we know you are out there too. Working with a specialist recruiter like ourselves will save you time on your job search.

Our role is to make the ideal match, so our client gets a great hire, and you get a role that utilises all your skills and enables you to develop your career to the next stage.

What Next?

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