Good employer branding is critical to capturing the interest of today’s talent. 
An employer value proposition, the unique “offer” you present to candidates to convince them they want to work for your company, is crucial to organisations of all sizes. Even the biggest medical device and pharmaceutical companies can benefit from the right EVP.  

Not only does your EVP help you to attract the top talent, but it also ensures you can retain your critical people too. According to Gartner, having a strong employee value proposition can reduce turnover by 69%. A strong employer brand and EVP can also reduce your cost per hire by around 43% so that you can spend less on talent acquisition. 

Crucially, just as employee preferences and expectations in the life science and medical sectors, your EVP needs to be ready to transform too.  

Here’s what you need to know about revamping your identity in 2022. 

Start by Auditing your Current EVP

The first step in deciding whether you need to upgrade your current Employer Value Proposition is looking at your existing reputation. Whether you like it or not, candidates, employees, and old talent are already talking about your brand online. Paying attention to what people say about your business can give you an insight into which factors attract new talent and which might be scaring them away. 

Start by speaking to your current medical devices or life sciences professionals. What do they say makes them most satisfied about working with your business? When your new hires joined your team, what convinced them to say yes to your offer? 

Maybe you have a great approach to work/life balance and allow team members to work remotely when they need to. Perhaps you’re committed to helping your team members achieve their best results by constantly investing in training. Knowing what makes your brand stand out will be important in determining whether your current EVP aligns with the expectations of a new talent pool.  

Double Down on Being “Human-Centric”

Looking at your current EVP, ask yourself whether your employees love your business because you constantly commit to their wellbeing and deliver an “empathetic” employer brand. Or are your team members just sticking around because you currently offer the highest salary?

Leading analysts at Gartner say the most appealing employers in the years ahead will be the ones who focus on building human relationships with talents. Employee priorities are changing as team members look for evidence their employers care about their needs and respect them.

When working on your EVP, pay extra attention to:

  • Diversity and inclusion: Focusing more on diversity and inclusion when filling your talent pipeline. Today’s top employees want to be part of an open and accepting environment for everyone. Make sure you have a plan for DEI.
  • Wellbeing: Supporting the health and wellbeing of your employees is crucial in today’s talent market. Look at how you’re promoting good mental health with mental health days for team members. You can also look into physical health and the steps you take to ensure team members can look after themselves.
  • Flexibility: Allowing team members in your medical and pharmaceutical companies to work remotely from time to time, or change their schedule when necessary, will make your company instantly more appealing. Today’s experts are looking to develop their careers in an environment that allows for flexibility.

Ensure Employees Can See a Future with your Company

Employees want to see a future with the teams they’ll be working for. When developing your employer value proposition, ask yourself how you’re showing your current and future team members they have a place in your business. 
How committed are you to developing your staff members? Can you offer them additional training and support to build their skills once they’re part of a team? Will you sit down with employees during the interview process and discuss their professional plans with them so that you can work on a strategy for success together? 

Committing to helping your team members grow and thrive instantly makes your EVP more appealing. However, it’s also a fantastic way to ensure you can leverage the best possible skills for your medical devices, life sciences, or pharmaceutical team. 
If you are developing your team members, make sure you’re vocal about what you’re doing. Allowing staff to share stories about their training experiences on social media or encouraging them to create content for your website is great for boosting your employer brand. 

Get Help When You Need it

Finding and retaining the right talent in a skills-short environment can be a challenging process. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Working with a professional recruitment agency with experience in your industry can give you a competitive edge. 
Recruiting professionals in your industry can give you tips on the benefits and offers your target candidates are looking for. These experts also know how to get important information about your EVP in front of your ideal talent. For instance, they can advise you on creating employee advocate content for your website or adding crucial details to your job descriptions. 
Most importantly, when the time comes to present your job offer to potential candidates, your recruitment professional can give you advice on highlighting the most important benefits you have to offer, ensuring you’re more likely to get a “yes”.  
What Next? 
Staying ahead of the competition with a strong employer brand is crucial when you want to get your hands on the best possible talent. In today’s skills short marketplace, working with a recruitment agency is one of the best ways to give yourself a competitive edge.  
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