There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ pharmaceutical team.

However, there is such a thing as an excellently crafted team made up of talented individuals who complement and bring out the best in each other.

And that is what all pharma leaders are looking for.

Recruiting talent for your pharma team is not as simple as finding individuals you know have the right skills on paper to do the job – there is a science to hiring people who really gel.

Today, we look at the tried and tested science behind recruiting the ‘right’ talent for your pharma team.

The Right Formula

When looking to build your pharmaceutical team; if you have a vacancy or are looking to expand – what should you be looking for in a new team member?

Many leaders will say that they want the best in his or her field to join the team, whether that’s a regulatory affairs specialist, a pharmacovigilance scientist or a supply and logistics head.

However, what appears to be the ‘right’ hire on paper is not always necessarily the best recruit for the role – it’s more complicated than that.

What hiring managers and employers need to be on the lookout for is for the right balance of individuals to make up their pharma team.

We all have different skills and abilities, and some individuals are better able to communicate ideas, to help others and work as part of a team better, producing better outcomes than those who simply fit the bill in terms of their experience.

Consider things outside of a person’s experience, such as –

  • Are they an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Are they dreamers or pragmatists?
  • What kind of organisations have they worked in previously – private versus public sector?

And build up a picture of the type of person you know will work well within your culture, which we will talk about next – and most importantly, someone you are invested in to grow within your organisation, which we will cover later.

Let’s look at your pharmaceutical company culture – what is it and how to build it up.

Recruiting to Enhance Your Culture

All companies have a culture, whether they like it or not.

You either have the option to step aside and allow your company culture to develop on its own, or to shape it in the way you want your organisation to be.

Letting your company culture form on its own without your input can lead to things like employees neglecting their work-life balance, working without a real goal or purpose, or feeling uninvested in it.

When you actively work to shape your pharma organisational culture, you are creating an environment for each individual to thrive and grow, as you create an optimum working situation.

A good company culture will usually contain the following –

  • A place where everyone is respectful and supportive of each other
  • A focus on both personal and professional growth with training and development
  • Great employee perks and benefits so that every employee in your pharma team feels adequately compensated for their input

In short, a place where employees feel content and valued.

When you start to introduce individuals into your team who go against the culture of your organisation, despite having the right skills, this can lead you into trouble.

If, for example, your culture is one of positivity and support, and you introduce a team member who believes success is only possible by a high-stress, cut-throat way of operating, this can create tension, and impact the performance of the rest of the team.

So remember, it’s more than just about specific skills – a culture match is vital too.

And finally, let’s look at one of the most crucial ingredients when building a pharma team – emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

As this article has shown, there is much more to building a great pharma team than simply employing those who have the right experience.

Sometimes, it is difficult for employers to find the exact person they had in mind for a particular role, especially when working without the aid of a dedicated pharmaceutical recruiter.

So what is the secret ingredient to recruitment when you are met with several possible candidates?

Hiring for high emotional intelligence is becoming a key recruitment strategy for pharma leaders.

Employees with high emotional intelligence are more resilient, they work better in a team, and they are adept at getting the best out of every working situation they come across.

Writing for HBR on emotional intelligence, Vanessa Urch Druskat and Steven B. Wolff state, “To be most effective, the team needs to create emotionally intelligent norms—the attitudes and behaviours that eventually become habits—that support behaviours for building trust, group identity, and group efficacy.”

When your pharma team is full of emotionally intelligent individuals, you will find that they work more efficiently; problems are solved faster, and there is a greater sense of teamwork.


So – there we have the right formula for building a great pharmaceutical team. Find individuals who complement each other, hire people who will compliment your culture, and always be on the lookout for emotionally intelligent candidates.

If you are looking to recruit the best talent for your pharma team with the right skills, a perfect culture fit and high emotional intelligence, we can help. We specialise in recruiting pharma talent from across the globe to work in the Middle East.

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