Diversity is one of the most critical features of any successful team.

Cognitive diversity (people with different thinking patterns) can improve team innovation by 20%. Studies from analysts like McKinsey & Company also found that more diverse companies are more likely to outperform their peers in profitability.

While inclusion and diversity strategies often start at the top in most companies, working with the right recruiter can greatly impact your ability to find the right talent. Recruiters are the first point of contact between employers and candidates, and they can be fantastic for filtering out issues of bias in hiring practices.

Here’s why it’s always better to use a recruiter with an understanding of inclusion and diversity when expanding your team.

1. Recruiters Know One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Recruiters, better than most, understand that different companies have different needs. The needs of a medical device team may be completely different to the needs of a pharmaceutical brand. Because recruitment professionals work with a wide variety of companies regularly, they’re excellent at delivering “bespoke” solutions to hiring.

The best recruiters don’t just jump in and start looking for candidates from the moment a client contacts them. Professional teams get to know the client in question and determine what kind of values, skills, and talents their ideal candidate would need.

This reduces the risk of poor hiring and pushes the recruiter to focus on what each candidate can do, rather than where they come from or what they look like.

2. Specialist Recruiters are Skilled in Reducing Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias can easily get in the way of hiring for a lot of businesses. We make decisions about who we think will be best for a role based on our past experiences or our company’s current view. The simplest things can make the biggest impact. Studies have shown that candidates with ethnic names often have to submit more applications before receiving a callback.

Recruiters remove this subjective issue from the hiring process by eliminating bias in every part of the recruitment strategy. A recruitment professional can screen candidates based on experience and skills and deliver C.V.s to employers without the individual’s name.

If you’re specifically searching for more diverse people to interview, your recruitment partner can connect with groups and communities in your region more likely to offer access to underrepresented candidate groups.

3. Recruiters Can Help You Build the Right Hiring Process and Team

The best recruitment teams don’t just help you find more relevant candidates in a skills-short environment; they can also offer valuable advice and guidance. Creating a diverse hiring team will be crucial in building an inclusive, diverse company.

Your recruitment team will offer advice on who you should include in your hiring team and what sort of techniques you can use to improve your decision-making. You could use competency-based interviews to help you focus more on the abilities of your healthcare candidate or consider “blind” interviews in some cases, where you chat to someone over the phone first.

Recruiters can also encourage interviews to take part in diversity training. Diversity training is imperative for company employees at virtually every level, but it’s particularly important for anyone making decisions about your team’s future.

Your recruitment team can also offer advice on enhancing your interviews by asking all of your candidates the same questions, so you can use a scoring system to narrow your options.

4. Recruiters Improve Your Employer Brand

Part of hiring a diverse workforce is attracting a wider selection of people to your company. A strong employer brand will give you more appeal when you’re reaching out to potential clients. Unfortunately, most business leaders don’t know how to leverage their employer brands correctly.

A specialist healthcare recruitment company that understands DEI will give you insights into how you can make your identity stand out in a new landscape. For instance, now that people are applying for more remote working opportunities worldwide, it’s increasingly important for business leaders to showcase their brand values through social media, website pages, and more.

Recruiters can also offer advice on where you should be profiling your business to possible candidates. For instance, it makes sense for your brand to have a more significant presence on a range of social media platforms, not just LinkedIn.

5. Recruiters Are Consistently Cultivating Diverse Talent Pipelines for Their Clients

The whole purpose of a specialist recruitment company is to find the right fit between candidates and employers. Because of this, recruitment teams spend a lot of their time and energy building talent pipelines, with access to people from a wide range of communities and environments.

Recruitment professionals build relationships with career professionals from all kinds of cultures and groups. They participate in diverse job fairs in their free time, meeting people and adding them to their candidate connections to contact when an opportunity arises.

They also spend more time getting to know people in various industry forums, online platforms, and hiring events. With more access to a wider range of professionals, recruitment teams can improve your chances of finding the right selection of professionals.

6. Keep Recruitment Inclusive with the Right Recruitment  Partner

Improving your hiring strategy with a recruitment partner who focuses on matching diverse employees with companies who need their skills can be an excellent way to enhance inclusivity in your workplace. Your recruitment team will ensure that you can find the right kind of employees to transform your workforce with new ideas and insights.

Recruitment partners will help you to not only recruit more diverse talent but retain the people you bring into your team, too, with insights into what these individuals need.

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