Hiring and recruitment are rarely simple in a competitive environment like the healthcare and medical devices sector. There are countless hoops to jump through for employers in search of the ideal talent, just to make your business more appealing to the right people. This is particularly true now candidates are searching for new benefits and flexibility.

For those in search of a new role, there may be more options available than ever before, but ensuring you capture the attention of a competitive UAE employer is far from simple. There are ATS tools to consider, and it’s worth remembering your employers have more options with remote working trends.

The easiest way to ensure success, either as an employer or an employee, is to work with the right partner. Here’s why you should consider working with a medical device recruiter this year.

1. They Help Companies Adapt

Medical device recruiters like Kinetic have years (10 to be exact) of experience recruiting in fast-paced markets like the UAE. With a specialist recruitment team, you’re getting access not just to recruiting skill and expertise, but agility too. Your recruiter will know how to help you plan for the future and manage the changes in the recruitment industry.

For employers, this could mean your recruiter helps you understand what benefits you need to offer to attract and retain talent in the new market. For medical device professionals, it might mean you work with your recruiter to determine how you will develop your career and build skills relevant to your future employer.

2. Recruiters Make Interviews Easier

Interviewing can be one of the most complex parts of the recruitment process – but with a medical devices recruitment specialist, this doesn’t have to be the case. Kinetic can guide you through the process of developing an excellent interview process as an employer, taking advantage of video interview techniques to make sifting through candidates easier.

What’s more, because your recruiter has already worked hard to ensure they’re only presenting you with the best possible people for your role, you’re less likely to have to conduct as many interviews.

As a candidate, your recruiter can help you figure out where you’re going wrong in your interviews and why you might be rejected from your preferred roles.

3. They’re Experts in the Industry

A specialist medical devices recruitment team doesn’t just know how to attract candidates to your business or help you find a good job. These professionals are tuned into your specific industry. They understand exactly what you’re looking for when you say you need to hire a medical representative for your sales department and what kind of skills are essential.

When you begin searching for a role as a territory sales manager or customer service specialist in the medical device space, your recruitment team can tell you what kind of trends are driving hiring decisions at the moment. Financial recruiters understand the industry, so they can give you the behind-the-scenes guidance you need.

4. Medical Recruiters are Dialled into the Right People

One of the biggest benefits of working with a medical device recruiter like Kinetic is the access you get to the right community. It can be extremely difficult to make the right connections in the medical world, ensure you’re finding the right talent, or get your foot in the door of a business opportunity. That isn’t the case with the right recruiter.

For companies, recruitment partners can build entire pipelines of trained professionals ready to fill any gaps in your team. For candidates searching for the right role, recruitment partners can make the initial connection you need for a chance at your dream role.

5. They Simplify Things

A recruitment partner is there to make hiring employees and finding new roles as simple as possible. When you hire a recruitment agency as a candidate, you create a single point of contact where you can check for new job opportunities and unlock potential jobs, even while you continue to work in your current role. It’s much easier than having to chase up potential roles on your own.

As a medical device business, your recruitment team saves your company essential time in handling the hard parts of recruitment for you. With a professional team to seek out your new, productive staff members, you can focus on the other parts of running your organisation.

6. Recruiters Help Build Reputations

Great recruitment partners know how important it is to make the right impression, both as an employee and employer. When they start working with you on your hiring efforts, your recruitment professional will examine your reputation and help you make changes that improve your chances of achieving results.

As a candidate, you can work with your recruitment team to improve your personal brand and highlight your unique skills. As an employer, you can use your recruitment team as a tool for enhancing your employer reputation, implementing new strategies for things like onboarding and wellbeing to improve your image.

7. They Adapt to Suit You

Recruitment professionals like Kinetic are dedicated to achieving the results their clients and candidates need. Whether this means helping you apply for unadvertised roles in the medical devices space or ensuring you have the right plan to attract new team members, recruiters adapt to suit you. Over time, they can even teach you things, like how to update your resume for a better chance of success or what it means to embrace DEI.

Specialist recruitment teams get to know your individual goals and ambitions, so they can deliver the results you really need.

What Next?

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