Why Having A Personal Brand Is Crucial In The Life Science Sector

Why Having A Personal Brand Is Crucial In The Life Science Sector

by Mark Nancarrow in employer
Many things have changed in the lifescience and healthcare sector over the last few years. From shifting EU regulations, Digital health and the implications of A.I., and a changing workforce where Millennials across the globe are rapidly moving into crucial leadership roles. 

Though one thing has not changed; it is people that bring products to market and consequently grow life sciences organisations. 

Therefore, if you want to stand out as a leader of the future, there is one thing in today's life sciences world that will make you stand out; your personal brand. 

What is a ‘personal brand’? 

A personal brand is a relatively new term for something that has been around forever. At its heart, your ‘brand’ is how you are known and recognised; and let’s be honest talked about throughout your organisation. 

This can be your skills and abilities, and in today's market place, your personality and attitude. 

It can have enormous implications for you, and the truth is that you already have a personal brand at work; even if you are not sure what it is.  

A misconception is that personal brands are mostly created by accident; something that ‘just happens’ to people as a by-product of the individual’s personality, their success, going to the same University as the site manager, or general good fortune. 

In truth, personal brands, the  good ones at least, don’t happen by chance. They happen through both planning and  hard work.
Creating a personal brand is the exercise of creating a favourable perception of yourself that others can easily buy into. 

A great example from the lifescience sector is Professor Ian Olver. He did not just become globally recognised as an international Cancer expert and campaigner. An enormous amount of effort, hard work and networking went into creating his personal brand.  

The question is, are you ready to elevate your personal brand? 

Where Can You Start? 

A powerful personal brand is best achieved when you excel in a niche area, like life sciences. This area is where you want to dominate: you want to be the first person that other employees and senior leaders, both in and outside of your organisation, think of in this regard.  

For example, you might want to be known as the most helpful Regulatory Affairs Manager in your life sciences company. 
How will you do this?  

The good news is there are multiple ways to develop your ‘brand’. 

For instance, be the first person to offer help. Be the RA manager that removes their ego and gets rid of jargon in their explanations and presentations. 

Be the one who takes time to write ‘blogs’ and articles for your company and the one that creates explainer videos that you upload to your company intranet. 

In a department full of experts, your ‘brand’ will be that you are the most helpful RA manager across the entire organisation. 

This personal branding exercise will significantly build your network and increase your  ‘promotability’ or your employability when you contact a specialist Pharmaceutical recruitment company

Where can you shine in your life sciences speciality? You might want to be known as the person who knows the most about changing pharmaceutical regulations in the UAE. 

Or be regarded as an excellent speaker at life sciences conferences, or a great event organiser for company charity events. Perhaps your goal is to be considered the salesperson with the most extensive lead network, or a world expert in your current scientific field. 

A question for you; what’s your core strength right now? How can you build it to the point where people will immediately think of you when they need someone with many industry contacts to organise a seminar or someone who can explain the new company process. 

A word of warning here: there’s little point striving to make a name for yourself in a field or role that isn’t genuinely of interest. You will need to maintain your personal brand for the indeterminate future, and people can tell when someone is not authentic. So, pick something you care about doing well and can sustain over the long-term. 

Some fundamental ways to build your brand include:  

  • Speaking at conferences 
  • Publishing articles and commenting on forums 
  • Updating your LinkedIn profiles and online presence 
  • Study up on your industry 
  • Make yourself and your knowledge available to colleagues and stakeholders 
These are all easy steps to accomplish, yet they mark you out as a person who is making positive change and is, therefore, someone to watch.  

Moreover, remember, you already have a brand, whether you like it or not. Now is the time to take control of that brand and shape it into what you want to be. 
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