The GCC pharmaceutical and medical device sectors are enjoying significant growth. The pharma market alone has grown from just over $3 billion in 2015 to $5.7 billion in 2020 – it has almost doubled it’s worth in only five years. And the medical device sector in the UAE is estimated to be worth 3.7 billion AED and is growing year on year.

What does this mean for job seekers in these sectors?

It means it has never been a better time to take advantage of the prosperous job opportunities that are available.

The GCC is home to some of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, including Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Saudi Arabia manufactures the majority, 59.4%, of medicines in the region followed by the UAE at 18%, so pharma and medical device candidates should bear these locations in mind during their job search.

At Kinetic, we help pharma and medical devices candidates locate their ideal roles in the GCC, and as we work closely with world leaders in both of these fields, we are the first to know what skills and experience employers are looking for.

I want to share with you some of the main focuses for GCC pharmaceutical and medical device employers this year, to give job seekers in these areas a better understanding of how to tailor their job search and applications.

Understanding the Changing Pharma Needs in the GCC

The way that citizens of GCC consume medication is changing. Development of urban areas and an increase in disposable income has led to the rise in health problems such as diabetes and heart and cardiovascular diseases and health problems associated with living longer, so pharma employees with expertise in these areas are in demand.

The steady political and economic environment, which led to prosperity in the UAE region has manifested in the government’s Vision 2030 initiative. This plan for the country includes a vision for better health and wellbeing for all UAE citizens, the epicentre of which is the Dubai Healthcare City and Dubai Science Park.

Pharmaceutical candidates must have a broad understanding of the size of the growth of this sector, and be prepared for even more significant changes as the pharma world grows and adapts further, in line with the region’s changing medical needs.

You should be able to demonstrate in your interview that you have the skills to be a key player for your employer as the GCC pharma world changes and adapts.

The GCC pharmaceutical and medical device sectors share similarities, in that they are both experiencing significant growth and investment and therefore need the very best talent to carry organisations forward.

Next, let me share with you what skills and experience medical device employers are on the lookout for this year.

Consumable Medical Device Experience

The use of disposable medical device equipment such as needles and syringes is on the rise, with consumables taking the largest market share of pharmaceutical products, so employers are on the lookout for candidates with extensive experience in this area to drive sales.

Sales in the disposable medical device sector in the GCC have grown from USD 5.6 billion in 2010 to around USD 10.8 billion in 2020.

Are you a consumables expert? Are you willing to expand your medical device knowledge in this area? If so, this will make you a great asset to GCC medical device companies.

International Growth

While the UAE region, in particular, is focused on creating jobs for local citizens, due to the vast expansion of the pharma and medical device sectors, international talent is also needed to help develop cross-country business partnerships.

Medical Devices

The medical device sector is one of six target sectors set by the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, which aims to attract international firms and ultimately, lower business costs.

Aside from increasing growth for home-grown medical device companies, the government is eager to attract leaders in this field from across the globe to set up regional subsidiaries or headquarters, to inject even more capital into the area.

Experience of cross-country medical device business is, therefore, a highly desirable trait for employers looking to expand and grow.


The pharma industry is also focusing on international growth, so pharma candidates with international experience are needed in this sector, too. The UAE recently established a Biotech factory in Seoul to construct and market products, and Gulf pharmaceutical manufacturer Julphar is similarly developing international bonds, with plants now in Ethiopia and Bangladesh.


In conclusion, pharmaceutical and medical device employers require talented employees who have the foresight and understanding of the challenges that further growth in these areas will bring.

Experience of consumables and the most currently in-demand medicines is vital, and international expertise is much needed by the firms looking to expand.

How Kinetic Can Help

Kinetic source professionals locally and internationally for leading multinational, regional and local Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies, including Consumer Healthcare organisations.

If you need help sourcing the best candidates for your pharmaceutical or medical device organisation who will help drive your business forward this year, get in contact with us today.