The demand for high-quality medical devices, pharmaceutical, and life science candidates is greater than ever. In addition, in a post-pandemic environment, companies everywhere are looking for experts with specialist skills. This puts business leaders and recruiters under significant pressure.

Unfortunately, even if you’re convinced you have a great interviewing strategy and onboarding process, you could still be missing out on candidates. If your job offer isn’t attractive enough to your potential employees, you’re not going to get the attention you deserve.

So, how do you know if your job offer is turning great candidates away?

1. You are Not Offering the Right Benefits Package

The world has changed in the last couple of years. While candidates still demand a competitive salary, they’re also looking for a wider range of benefits from their chosen employer. Start by checking the compensation package being offered by similar companies in your industry to ensure you are on the right track, then consider what you can do to improve the offer for the candidate you want. Options include:

  • Flexibility: Are you giving your team members the option to work remotely or choose their hours? Employees are beginning to expect at least some flexible working opportunities in the post-pandemic era. Ask yourself how often your employee needs to be in the office and how frequently they can work from home.
  • Benefits: Employees want to know that their employers care about them. While providing a good salary is a great start, you should also be investing in the well-being and health of your team members. Do you have extra benefits like mental health support for stressed staff? Can you offer discounts on private healthcare and treatments?
  • Personalised perks: Are you willing to sit down with each employee and work out a benefit and remuneration plan tailored to them? You’ll attract more team members if you show you’re willing to adapt to their needs.

2. Your Employer Brand Does Not Sell How Good Your Organisation Is

Your employer brand is the image that sells you to potential candidates. It’s what your professional recruitment team will highlight when finding candidates for your role, and it’s how you differentiate yourself from other companies.

Start by auditing your current employer brand. What do people say about your business online? You can find employee reviews on forums all over the web, as well as people @mentioning your brand on social media. Remember, 84% of job seekers abandon a job application after reading a negative review. So, if your employer brand isn’t great, start turning that around.

Publish stories on your website from team members to demonstrate the opportunities you can offer the right talent. Ask your staff to advocate for your company with positive testimonials. You can even look at some of the negative reviews about your brand mention and consider making changes based on that feedback.

3. Your Culture Isn’t Cohesive With Candidates

Cultural fit refers to the way people work together in your organisation. Different companies operate according to other strategies. Your culture will not appeal to every candidate, but understanding the talent you are trying to attract can help you demonstrate the right identity.

Consider the kind of employee you’d like to join your team. What kind of values would they have, and how can you demonstrate those values as part of your employer brand? For instance, if you want your team members to be committed to constantly learning and improving themselves, highlight the training and development courses your company offers on your website.

If you’re looking for employees that believe in teamwork, showcase the bonding activities you host for your employees and how important it is for people to stay connected on a social level in your team. Maybe you want to hire people interested in cutting-edge technology?

It would help if you highlighted the company culture you have to offer in everything your brand does online, from writing job descriptions to posting on social media. Make it easy for potential employees to identify an affinity with your company.

4. The Role Description and Deliverables Is not Clear

How well are you describing what your employee needs to do in their new role? It is hard for an employee to determine whether they will be satisfied in a new position if they do not fully understand their contract.

Be ready to answer any questions your candidates have in-depth when you’re going through the interview process. It’s also worth outlining any onboarding or training practices you’ll guide your staff through when they join the team. This shows your potential staff they will get the support they need to thrive in their new position.

Make the content of the job as clear as possible, focusing on the things you know your employee is likely to enjoy.  For example, if you know your candidates value opportunities to learn, pulling attention to all the training and development opportunities you can provide is crucial. However, make sure you’re not sweeping any elements of the job under the rug.

While it’s a good idea to focus on the good parts of your job, you also need to be straightforward and transparent with employees if you want them to stick around.

Employers and hiring managers need to be extra cautious about presenting opportunities to potential candidates in a world full of skill shortages. The wrong job offer could mean you miss out on the employee capable of transforming your entire company.

Check your perks align with the needs and values of your new employees, and be sure you are showcasing the right employer brand and company culture. Then, when the time comes to list jobs and conduct interviews, make all the details of the role as clear as possible.

If you need help, a specialist recruitment team like Kinetic will reduce your risk of turning clients away.

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