Have you found yourself talking to different recruitment companies, and they never seem to understand your medical device business as well as you do?

When you work with a recruiter who doesn’t ‘get’ your organisation, the result is you are often provided with candidates who are not right for your vacancies or your business’s culture. You get a poor ROI on your recruitment budget, and above all, you fail to find the best candidates to grow your medical device team and increase revenue.

In a world where companies are reassessing their service providers and getting ‘back to basics’ with their spending, it is essential that you can rely on your medical device recruitment provider.

So, let’s look at the five most essential things to consider when choosing a recruitment company for your medical device vacancies this year.

  1. What Are Their Motivations?

In all sectors, there are recruitment companies who will tell you that they are the best suited to find your vacancy.

But it is vital that you understand the motivations behind any recruitment provider you work with. We are in a business-critical time; you need to know you can unwaveringly rely on your service providers.

A significant factor that is important for medical device companies when choosing a recruitment company is the price. Some recruitment companies will tell you that they are the best value for money, but in reality, this can often mean simply the lowest price on the market.

Recruiters who simply aim to undercut their competitors are often motivated by numbers rather than value or service.

It is essential to understand the motivations behind the recruitment company – are they truly dedicated to finding you the right talent? Do their consultants have extensive market knowledge and a passion for the sector?

Find out if they are a recruiter who wants to fill vacancies rather than finding the perfect match for your role and organisation. Do this by asking them about their methods and their values – you should be able to ascertain if they are genuine or are just looking to provide a fast service to receive their fee.

  1. Do you Trust Them with the Quality of Candidates?

How many and what kind of candidate testimonials do they have? Any well-respected recruitment company will be able to provide you with many excellent candidate testimonials. Think about the type of candidates they are regularly placing – this will give you an indication of their talent pool and the calibre of candidates they have access to.

They might say that they have the network to find an excellent candidate for an executive role, but if they have little experience with these types of positions, can you trust them?

  1. Do they Listen to You?

Sometimes a recruiter will provide a candidate that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. As I mentioned earlier, this is often in the hope that you will be happy to accept a candidate they have found quickly, even though they don’t exactly match the brief.

Another example of a recruiter not listening to your needs is when they repeatedly provide the same kind of candidate. This can delay the recruitment process and is sure to erode any trust you have in them that they are committed to providing who you need rather than who they want to present to you.

A robust and mutually understanding relationship with your recruiter is essential.

You don’t want to be left wondering if they understand the brief. You need to be sure that they understand exactly the specifications of your vacancy, which is even more essential for higher-paid and more exclusive roles.

  1. Do They Strive to Be the Best?

How often have you worked with a recruiter, and they have said to you, “I’ve found some great candidates, but I am still in the process of finding an even better one for this vacancy”?

This is quite rare in the recruitment space – many recruiters will present a ‘satisfactory’ candidate rather than hold out for the best.

Do they provide an aftercare service, such as checking in with candidates at regular intervals to touch base?

Are they thought-leaders in their field? Can they demonstrate that they are always pushing to deliver the best possible service?

Do they back-up their recruitment with money-back guarantees?

If you are unsure about a recruiter’s credentials, it is better to steer clear, and if your current recruitment provider is failing to impress you with their candidate selection and service, it might be time to change providers.

  1. They’re an Expert in Their Field

Finally, if you want the best medical device candidates, it is necessary to work with a recruiter who specialises in this field rather than a generalist who will not have the same depth of knowledge candidate network.

The value of this is that they act not as just a provider of candidates, but they can help you refine your person spec based on their market knowledge to help you find the right individual for your company. The result of this is:

  • You get a candidate with the right skills and maybe even a candidate with skills you didn’t recognise you needed to enhance your team further.
  • They will find a candidate with the right culture fit – which is essential in protecting your business and your ROI.
  • They can help solve specific medical device recruiting problems you may have faced in the past.

Is your current medical device recruiter an expert in the field? Or are they operating with limited medical device knowledge?

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