In the last 12 months, medical device, pharmaceutical and life science organisations have gone through monumental change.

Your business will have faced new challenges due to the pandemic; some companies have thrived while others have been hit harder.

The key theme underpinning the problems faced by organisations of all sizes has been uncertainty. Your enterprise may have been trying to plan for the future with variables still up in the air – not an ideal situation.

Planning during uncertain times is something that, as business growth strategists, Kinetic can help you with. And one of the ways we can do this is with our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) programme.

Let me share more about this valuable programme and how it can help your company this year.

The Value of RPOs in Our Post-Pandemic World

Talent fluctuations can have a significant impact on your operating and recruitment costs. Rapid changes in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and life science markets can lead to three significant problems:

  1. Being understaffed
  2. Reactive hiring, which is linked to low staff retention and higher overall costs
  3. An overspend on hiring the ‘wrong’ candidates

When it comes to recruitment, businesses can feel that they are in a catch-22 position. They need to hire, but cannot afford to waste time and resources potentially hiring the ‘wrong’ candidates.

Have you witnessed reactive recruiting in your company or are aware of it within your competitor’s organisations?

Reactive recruiting is a high-risk way of investing resources. Yet, many businesses continue along this cycle as they don’t recognise a safer way to recruit, protect assets, and cause minimal disruptions to teams and operations.

An RPO counteracts these issues and breaks the hiring and re-hiring cycle, which is vitally important for pharma, medical device and life science companies right now. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing combines our expert skills and experience of the recruitment landscape, along with market knowledge and business strategy to create an infallible recruitment package for your organisation.

Common Misconceptions

Recruitment is changing.

The pandemic has been the catalyst for some significant shifts in the recruitment sector, including flexibility around RPOs. Historically, outsourcing has been perceived as a costly recruitment solution suitable only for large organisations.

But the need for a new kind of recruitment has made way for highly specialised RPOS, suitable for companies of any size and type.

The main aim of every organisation who invests in a recruitment programme is to end up with an excellent ROI. Individual businesses form long-term relationships with recruiting partners for one reason – because they consistently get an excellent return on their investment.

An RPO is a long-term guaranteed ROI, as opposed to the reactive recruitment we mentioned earlier, and the excellent ROI is the main reason our clients opt for this programme.

Choosing a flexible RPO like the ones we offer at Kinetic is an example of the best way to spend your recruitment budget in our post-Covid world – let’s look at why.

The Benefits of RPOs for Your Pharma, Medical Device or Life Science Organisation

Over the last 12 months, we have provided real value to our clients in the MENA with our updated recruitment services. Our RPOs are long-term recruitment plans proven to support you with your recruitment, in line with your business’s changing needs.

The following are three of the main benefits of opting for an RPO.

  1. It’s a Flexible Service for Your Fluctuating Needs

We have all learned recently that the future is both unpredictable and uncertain. This is why it’s essential to have a contingency in place for your recruitment for whatever lies ahead.

A flexible RPO allows you to respond to your business’s changing recruitment needs, all within a preset budget and parameter.

  1. Access Sector-Specific Recruitment Expertise

Problems arise when organisations partner with general recruitment companies to cut costs, as that industry-specific knowledge is just not there.

We are expert recruiters of top pharmaceutical, medical device and life science talent in the MENA, and built into our RPO is the expertise we have gained over many years working in the industry.

When you partner with us using our RPO, you access our broad network, expert skills, and experience that businesses who go it alone miss out on.

  1. Faster Recruitment at a Fixed Cost

RPOs have been proven to be a cost-effective way of recruiting, as your organisation ends up with the required talent in situ in a fast, streamlined way. A recruiting whitepaper entitled Hiring for Success found that RPOs reduce time to hire by 25%, which brings down the overall cost.

The alternative is an extended period spent on a recruitment process that may or may not be successful.

Find Out More About Kinetic’s RPOs

Have you struggled to keep on top of staffing levels due to the pandemic? Do you wonder if you have the ‘right’ talent in the right roles – or are you aware that you need new employees to inject fresh skills and energy in your post-Covid pharma, medical devices or life science team?

If you would like to know more about the flexible recruitment services we offer, get in touch with us today.

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How Kinetic Can Help   

Kinetic sources professionals locally and internationally for leading multinational, regional and local Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies, including Consumer Healthcare organisations.

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