Since the pandemic, pharma recruitment has changed, and we have updated our services in-line with what pharmaceutical companies now need from their recruitment providers.

A recruitment process outsourcing service (RPO) could be the answer to your pharmaceutical company’s recruitment challenges. Many businesses have recently gone through transformational change, and for some pharma companies, this has meant a big shake-up to their teams.

The need for experienced pharma staff, individuals with new skills, and management expertise has never been greater. For this reason, at Kinetic, we offer a new and improved RPO service and work with clients on a more in-depth level to provide them with the pharma talent they need.

If your recruitment process needs an overhaul, if your HR department needs extra help from the experts to hire in this new landscape, or if you’re looking for more candidates than ever before – an RPO could be just what you’re looking for.

Like all recruitment services, not every RPO is the same, and some providers offer a more substantial package than others.

Today, we share what to look for in an RPO provider for your pharma company to guarantee you get the best ROI for your recruitment.

  1. Candidate Attraction with the Right Job Advert Collateral

Attracting the right level of candidates is vital for your pharmaceutical roles. This is why your RPO provider must start with the best possible talent attraction tools.

This means not only crafting excellent job descriptions which pull the best talent towards your company and posting them in the relevant places but getting these adverts to work hard, continually pushing to attract the best possible talent.

But an excellent RPO will go further than this. Your recruiting partner can first work on developing your roles and your job descriptions from their research. This means getting to know your company and current team and digging to find invaluable information that they can use to create transformational job roles and the descriptions that will bring these positions to life.

  1. Promoting Your Brand

Instead of simply viewing your pharma company as an organisation they are contracted to, an excellent RPO provider will go one step further and act as a partner to support and enhance your employer branding.

When you want to attract the best pharma candidates, this will mean taking a close look at your employer branding and how this might need to change in-line with your current recruitment drive.

Businesses that have gone through a significant change recently should think about their employer brand and if it is working to attract top talent. At Kinetic, we include brand attraction and market mapping services in our RPO to ensure we have the best chance of finding the right talent for your roles.

We consider this stage critical in positioning your company as the go-to brand for pharma talent to work for in the MENA, so always check that your PRO provider offers a similar comprehensive marketing stage.

  1. Candidate Sourcing and Screening

When pharma companies work with an RPO provider, they want the full package to provide a more comprehensive recruitment package than a standard offering. Of course, the goal is to locate the best talent available to add value to your team and your business.

This is where the network and the expertise of your recruitment provider are essential. Your RPO provider might be able to create excellent collateral and job roles for you, but if they lack the infrastructure knowledge to source the candidates that you are paying extra to find, they are unlikely to be successful.

The candidate stage in our RPO happens in 4 stages:

  • We source candidates from our exclusive network connections
  • We undertake the delicate stage of candidate response handling
  • We then do the necessary screening on all candidates
  • Finally, the candidates are assessed on their fit to the stringent specifications.
  1. Additional Extras

When you opt for an RPO, look for an excellent value-adding service. Look for a recruitment provider who delivers extra details in their RPO to increase your ROI even further.

For example, at Kinetic, we offer system compliance, onboarding and human resource information systems plus data entry management to give you the comprehensive recruitment package you are looking for.

In our post-pandemic world, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are opting for RPOs so that they don’t have the stress of worrying about locating extra candidates in a time when they need them most.

Sometimes, it’s best to leave your recruitment to the experts, and your RPO provider will allow you to relax in the knowledge that your recruitment is taken care of.

We offer two RPO packages, Enterprise RPO and Project RP, to best suit your organisation’s needs. Click here for more information about our RPO packages and why they might be what your pharma organisation needs.




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