Our clients tend to be primarily global medical devices companies who have regional offices in the MENA geography.

The companies in question employ anywhere between 10 to 1000 people in their regional offices, and many are multinational.

With the Covid-19 pandemic events, it is more vital than ever that these medical device organisations can find the employees they need to continue to deliver life-saving medical equipment.

Our mission is to continue to provide the talent they need when they need it. We are also dedicated to the MENA medical device sector’s long-term success, and we contribute to this in several different ways.

Let me explain how.

Finding the Right People for the Right Roles

Recruiting in the medical device sector is different from many other industries. Over the last year, particularly, the pandemic has highlighted the need for highly specialised and skilled medical device roles, ultimately saving more lives.

To drive their business forward, our clients want people who work in the healthcare industry and have a desire to move to commercial positions such as Product Specialists and Clinical Application Specialist.

The required skills to make it in the commercial medical device industry are very specific. Our clients need highly specialised medical knowledge, excellent commercial awareness, and the many technical and specialised skills that come with varying roles.

For example, candidates who have worked on renal or cardiac and respiratory divisions are highly sought after as they have in-depth knowledge of the human body they have gained. This knowledge is invaluable and can be used commercially to market products which address specific medical needs.

The Challenges

Another dimension to recruiting in the MENA and the UAE is the need for Nationalisation within our recruitment strategy.

Nationalisation drives in the region have pushed clients to want to hire nationals to fill in these positions; however, medical education is not a widely pursued field for most MENA students. This disconnect is what is causing the skills gap that many medical device organisations are currently facing.

Upon launching a recruitment drive, many companies find a distinct lack of candidates with the right medical and commercial knowledge to excel in their roles.

This, followed by the commercial mindset needed to progress in the corporate environment, resulting in an extensive assessment of the recruiting team’s part. We do this before any candidates are referred to clients.

As experts in the medical device sector with a particular focus on Nationalisation, we can find the right candidates for your medical device organisation quickly.

Many of our clients find that before enlisting our services’ help, they struggled to find the type of candidate they were looking for. We have an extensive global searching capacity which means we can find the candidates that many medical device organisations cannot find through their own recruitment drives.

Promoting Medical Device Career Progression

As part of our mission to make the MENA medical device sector one of the strongest globally, Kinetic has started collaborating with colleges and training centres to open the prospect of non-healthcare opportunities to students.

We are building a strong network within the student community to develop and nurture candidates for clients looking to expand in this region.

Encouraging career progression in the medical device field, we believe, is an essential part of strengthening our region to become one of the world’s largest players. Collaborating with students and those at the start of their careers not only helps them to achieve career success, but it also helps our clients find the talent they need to push boundaries and continue delivering world-class medical device development.

Our work with the MENA’s student network has allowed us to meet multiple requests from clients to date. If you would like to know more about how we can help you find the fresh talent who can inject innovation into your medical device business, talk to us today.

We Get Results for Medical Device Companies

As a result of our focus on new and emerging talent, on average, we have been placing twelve candidates annually in their first positions within the corporate environment.

Do have a pipeline in place for your next generation of talent? If you are interested in finding out how we can put you in touch with world-class medical device, pharmaceutical or life science candidates for your current or upcoming vacancies, get in touch with us today.

Call our team on +971 (0)4 442 0921 or email us here to find out more.




How Kinetic Can Help   

Kinetic sources professionals locally and internationally for leading multinational, regional and local Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices companies, including Consumer Healthcare organisations.

If you need help sourcing the best candidates for your pharmaceutical or medical device organisation who will help drive your business forward this year, get in contact with us today.