The pandemic has changed our world significantly, especially in the innovation that it has created within the recruitment sector.

At Kinetic, we are driving pharmaceutical recruitment to new levels, and that is why it’s never been a better time to work with us.

Today, we look at how our services have become a lifeline to UAE pharma companies over the past 12 months, and why you shouldn’t go it alone with your hiring this coming year.

A New Recruiting Mindset

Over the past year, the ‘norms’ we considered to be unmoving have altered and shifted due to the pandemic.

In a recent Forbes article, recruiting strategist Jack Whatley said, “The fallout will fundamentally change recruiting and hiring practices long after the pandemic has passed”.

The way pharmaceutical companies have hired for years now needs to be updated, and organisations shouldn’t underestimate the impact of this change.

Hiring managers, in-house recruitment teams and pharmaceutical employers are now faced with new challenges:

  • Is the current level of staffing right for the business?
  • Do we have critical skills gaps?
  • Do we need to introduce employees with new skills for our pharma organisation to succeed in a post-Covid environment?
  • How will we approach recruitment in a Covid-altered world?
  • Do we have the right talent attraction strategies in place to be a competitive employer?

As you can see, it’s a complicated issue.

Pharma companies cannot go back to the way they were hiring pre-Covid; the new normal requires a new recruiting mindset.

Let’s look at how an expert pharma recruiter will play a crucial part in getting your hiring process post-Covid ready.

Solving New Recruitment Challenges

As UAE pharma companies concentrated on surviving the pandemic, recruitment businesses were developing new hiring strategies in this strange and novel time.

Over the past year, pharmaceutical enterprises have focused all of their efforts on beating the virus. Areas of focus have primarily been in diagnostics, working on new Covid treatments and vaccine development. The unique challenges that pharma companies faced during the past year were unprecedented, and the human resources in pharma organisations had to be focused on delivering Covid treatments.

Understandably, dealing with the issue of recruiting during a pandemic was not a top priority for pharma businesses.

During this time, however, expert pharma recruitment companies were working on developing new hiring strategies. At Kinetic, we have adapted our process to deliver the very best results for UAE pharma companies when they need it most.

We have updated our recruiting strategy in the following areas.

  1. Building Trust in Recruitment

Trust is vital in attracting and retaining pharma talent, especially during unsettling times. Hiring in a world where video interviews are becoming the norm, we recognise the importance of building trust between the candidate and the employer.

An expert recruiter plays a vital role in bridging the gap between candidates and pharma organisations when your business may have other priorities that could get in the way of nurturing this candidate/employer relationship.

Imagine you are recruiting for a Sales Manager role for a position that has been empty for several weeks. Your hiring manager is in conversation with a potential candidate who has winning skills and experience. During the recruitment process, another critical vacancy arises in a Medical Manager role which needs immediate attention. The first conversation breaks down and becomes delayed, and the Sales Manager loses faith that you are a ‘good’ employer, eventually withdrawing their application.

This kind of thing is happening all too often in our Covid-altered world. Pharma companies are in their time of need, and that is where the value comes from working with a recruiter.

  1. Shaping the Success of Your Pharma Team

In our post-Covid world, it is in the recruiter’s hands to shape pharma’s future success across the UAE and the world.

Our mission has always been to handpick the most valuable and elusive talent for your roles, and this expert skill of talent matching has never been more crucial.

As a dedicated recruitment company, we work closely with your pharma organisation to get to the root of what you need from your team as you move forwards; and then we find these individuals for you.

Hiring and onboarding during a pandemic is a potentially turbulent process, with its own set of challenges. As your trusted recruiting partner, we will lay out the road-map from where you are now, to where you want to be and provide you with the talent to achieve it.

We recognise that now is the perfect time to attract pharma candidates due to movement in the jobs market. Pharma companies should not pass up on the opportunity to onboard innovative, in-demand talent.

Talk to us today about your pharmaceutical roles; we can help you realise what you need from your recruitment drives this year.


  1. An Expert When You Need it Most

Increased demands for product orders, staff shortages and the pressure to keep delivering life-saving drugs in a time when the world needed it most – pharma employers have a lot to contend with.

Add into this mix the need to update your hiring process for the post-pandemic world, and many organisations have struggled. Now, pharma companies need industry expert service providers to act as an extension of their business.

If you would like a conversation with a pharmaceutical recruitment expert about your current hiring challenges or are planning for growth this year, we can help.

Call us on or +971 (0)4 442 0921 or contact us here to find out how we can help your pharma business recruit your next generation of talent.



How Kinetic Can Help   

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